The 8 best series we will see in January 2022

‘Fair. The darkest light ‘and the new seasons of’ Euphoria ‘and’ Ozark ‘, the most anticipated releases on the different platforms.

We bid farewell to a 2021 of the most seriephile that has left us great fictions to welcome a new year, 2022, which promises to go down the same path. The year that begins will bring with it two of the most anticipated series of recent years -the Lord of the Rings series and the ‘spin-off’ of Game of Thrones House of the Dragon– but they won’t be the only ones. From him, as every year, we can expect the debuts of some long-awaited titles, but also of great surprises and new seasons that we are looking forward to.

The 30 most outstanding series premieres of 2022

What 2022 will bring us on the series stage we will discover as the year progresses, but, for now, we know what the month of January will bring. And the truth is that it is not bad at all. Except for unexpected surprises – which you always have to count on and, if not, tell Netflix with your The Squid Game-, there are eight releases in December 2021 on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max and Movistar + that will stand out in the coming days. Eight new titles and seasons that will delight series lovers to start the year in the best possible way.

Take note of the nine best series you can see in January 2022 below:

Fair: The Darkest Light

The new Spanish Netflix series has everything to succeed. It combines horror, ‘thriller’ and fantastic creatures, and also puts a dangerous sect at its center. Elements that always have the power to attract the audience. Conceived as an eight-episode miniseries and set in Andalusia in the mid-90s, the fiction developed by the creator of Elite Y The mess you leave Carlos Montero along with Agustín Martínez is the story of two sisters: Eva and Sofía, played by Ana Tomeno and Carla Campra, who at just 17 years old have to face the terror of living in a town, Feria, who cries out for revenge after they his parents have been accused of killing more than twenty people and then disappearing.

This is how the story starts, but the creators do not hesitate to assure that it promises much more since there people are not who they appear to be and reality hides something much more chilling … And supernatural.

Premiere: January 28 on Netflix.

Euphoria – Season 2

It has been made to wait, but it is finally here. Yes, as for many, Euphoria It was one of your 2019 series, you know that you have more than enough reasons to count the days until the premiere of its second installment. If not, you have time to catch up and enjoy one of the best productions of recent years. Created by Sam Levinson for HBO, the fiction, an adaptation of an Israeli format that is also quite successful, stars an absolutely brilliant Zendaya who even won an Emmy for her role and Hunter Schafer. They are in charge of giving life to Rue and Jules, two young teenagers who, like the rest of the protagonists, navigate through one of the most difficult ages in a person’s life.

From a dark point of view in which drugs, alcohol, sexuality and personal self-discovery come into play, the series tells the story of this group of young people fighting against these monsters to face the same goal: their future.

Premiere: January 10 on HBO Max

As We See It

We don’t know too much about this dramatic comedy that is about to hit Amazon Prime Video, but the reality is that the streaming platform has chosen it as one of its few series premieres in January 2022. And for a reason.

Its description reminds us a bit of other series that have previously captivated us on other platforms, such as Atypical The Special, since its protagonists are a group of young people who, in addition to sharing a flat, share that they are within the autism spectrum. They are Jack, Harrison and Violet and they are willing to tackle the life goals of any twenty-somethings: get a job, enjoy their friends and, why not, fall in love.

Premiere: January 21 on Amazon Prime Video

Stock 81

More terror, fantasy and suspense … And it is that Netflix knows very well what works among its subscribers. Based on a self-titled American podcast in which shocking supernatural horror stories are told in the purest style Fourth millenium, Stock 81 It bears the James Wan stamp and stars Dan Turner – who is played by Mamoudou Athie – an archivist who receives a complicated mission: to restore an old collection of video tapes from 1994 in which is the work of a director of documentaries called Melody Pendras about her investigation into a dangerous cult.

During the work, Dan will end up completely immersed in a story that turns out to be really terrifying until he ends up thinking that he can save Melody from the terrible end that he met a quarter of a century ago. The creators of the popular original podcast Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell have also been heavily involved in the adaptation, which undoubtedly earns him plenty of points for the bottom line.

Premiere: January 14, 2022

Ozark – Season 4

And another that arrives in January to delight its fans is the highly acclaimed Ozark, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Netflix premieres its season 4 this January, but the bad news is that it will also be the last. The one that puts the finishing touch to the dark history of the Byrde family.

Of course, you can rest easy because you won’t have to say goodbye in January. But the fourth season, as Netflix already did with its beloved The Money HeistIt will be divided into two parts, with seven episodes each. What to expect from the final stretch? For now, find out what the marriage of Marty and Wendy holds now that their fraudulent money-laundering business has taken to a new level.

Premiere: January 21, 2022 on Netflix

The golden age

If we had to give a single reason to rub our hands over the arrival of The Golden Age on HBO Max, we would not know which one to choose. Let’s see, to begin with, this is the new series from the acclaimed creator of the also acclaimed Downton Abbey, Julian Fellowes, but it is also a project that has been talked about for so long that it almost seems a lie that its premiere is just around the corner.

But it is. It is already a reality. In a new commitment to a period history, Fellowes will take us to the 1880s in New York, a period known as the Golden Age in which the great city lived one of the moments of greatest wealth, through the eyes of a young man who enters the life of a wealthy and powerful family.

Premiere: January 24 on HBO Max.

The peacemaker

It’s one of the series most eagerly awaited by lovers of the DC Comics universe, so well deserved it has its place on this list of great series premieres in January. In The peacemaker John Cena gets back into the skin of his character in Suicide squad, while James Gunn, executive producer along with Peter Safran and Matt Miller, have been in charge of directing the eight episodes that make up its first season.

The action of the series will take place after the events of the film that was released in theaters last summer and will explore the origins of the character as the aforementioned joins a new team. From the advances of the fiction that have been released to date, we can also extract the advance that it will feature large doses of action, explosions, fights and a perfect humorous tone and absolutely compatible with the film that precedes it.The peacemaker It is an opportunity to delve into current global issues through the gaze of this world’s greatest superhero / supervillain / idiot, “promises Gunn.

Premiere: January 13 on HBO Max

Everyone lies

Pau Freixas is the architect of this new Spanish suspense series that arrives at the end of the month on the streaming platform Movistar + as its first major premiere of the year. Starring Irene Arcos, Natalia Verbeke and Leonardo Sbaraglia, the fiction tells the story of Macarena (Arcos), a teacher whose life is turned upside down when a video in which she appears having sex with one of her students begins to circulate on social networks adults.

The event puts her in the spotlight of the entire town, but the rejection to which she is subjected is not the worst thing that is about to happen: a lifeless body appears in the area and everything seems to indicate that death is related with the happy video. Was it a suicide or … a murder?

Premiere: January 28 on Movistar +.