The agreement between Brad Pitt and Eric Bana for the blows that took place in ‘Troy’: One of them ended up owing the other $ 750

The actors starred, along with Orlando Bloom, in the 2004 film directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Action scenes carry a risk for those involved in them. Normally, it is the doubles of the actors who are in charge of carrying them out, but there are occasions in which the interpreters decide to do them bareback. That was what happened with Brad Pitt and Eric Bana when they filmed troy. And, as both interpreters knew that they were going to take the occasional blow, they decided to create an agreement: the one who receives earns money.

troy, directed by Wolfgang Petersen, featured a cast led by Pitt, Bana and Orlando Bloom. Rose Byrne, Diane Kruger, Brian Cox and Sean Bean were also part of the cast.

The film, with a script by David Benioff -‘showrunner’ of Game of Thrones-, is based on the poem by The Iliad which begins with the abduction, by Paris, of helenathe wife of the Greek king Menelaus. This provokes the war between the Greeks, led by Achilles, and the Trojans.

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There is a moment when troy in which Achilles and Hector, brother of Paris, fight. Pitt gave life to the first and Bana to the second. As we have told you, the two interpreters agreed to shoot the sequence themselves. ANDOn the big screen, Achilles wins, but which actor was better at fighting? Well, Banana.

The actors agreed to penalize money every time one of them made actual contact in the fight: $50 for a light touch and $100 for a heavy blow“We made a deal: that we were going to go all out. We decided that we would pay $50 for minor violations and $100 for major blows if one of us hit the other,” Pitt recounted in Today in 2004.

Warner Bros.

Eric Bana and Orlando Bloom as Hector and Paris in ‘Troy.’

The fight sequence, which ends with the death of Hector, the protector of Troy, was shot over the course of six days and Pitt ended up owing his co-star money: 750 dollars. Bana said that he ended up with a small scar on the side of his nose from a blow that Pitt gave him. According to Chicago TribuneBana owed her co-star a few 200 dollars. Much less money.

Nevertheless, Achilles carries out many attack movements and Hector more defense. Therefore, Pitt had a better chance of losing out – money-wise – in that sequence.

troy raised more than 497 million dollars worldwide and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Designbut did not take it.

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