‘The Alley of Lost Souls’: Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett star in the new ‘thriller’ by Guillermo del Toro that you cannot miss in theaters

The director, winner of an Oscar for ‘The Shape of Water’, embarks viewers on a film full of intrigue, seduction, greed and a lot of manipulation. Starting January 21 only in theaters.

Four years after his great success The Shape of Water, for which he won an Academy Award, William of the Bull returns to the big screen to make us vibrate with a ‘thriller’ full of suspense and intrigue. the alley of lost souls It is an unusual film in his filmography, since it moves away from the fantasy elements for which the director is known and approaches the cinematographic world of film noir. The film starring Bradley Cooper (A star has been born) and Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth), among others, hits theaters next January 21st.

Cooper interprets a Stanton Carlisle, a charismatic but unlucky man looking for a job at a traveling fair. There he learns some tricks of the trade to deceive the elite of the New York high society of the 40s. Among his objectives is swindle a dangerous tycoon (Richard Jenkins) with the help of the mysterious doctor Lilith Ritter (Blanchett), a psychiatrist who could become his greatest rival.

A story very different from his filmography

The acclaimed director wanted this film to go down new paths, and this is a film far removed from his traditional supernatural style. “This is the first of my movies thatAlthough it has a magical atmosphere, it’s not fake or stylized. It is set in an identifiable and immediate reality,” says del Toro.

the alley of lost souls try a hard and realistic story about crime, betrayal and deserved punishment. Of course, the film retains the mythical quality and inquisitive humanity that define his classic films as The Pan’s Labyrinth. During the two and a half hour film, we find corruption, vice, lust, betrayal and manipulation building as Stanton learns to cynically take advantage of human need.

La cinta sIt is based on the novel of the same name by William Lindsay Gresham. published in 1946. The story has given rise to a film -in 1947-, a graphic novel and a musical. It is clear that the plot has aroused much interest among book lovers since it was published decades ago. Even Del Toro himself who thus defines the protagonist of the novel:

I was very interested in a story about fate and humanity. Stanton Carlisle is a man who has all the ingredients to change his life. He has people who believe in him, who love him and who trust him. However, his ambition and arrogance are so excessive that he gets lost along the way.

As for his foray into film noir, the filmmaker assures that he will not resort to the classic elements of the genre. “I wanted to represent a classic story in a very lively and contemporary way. I wanted people to feel that they are seeing a story that is very topical”, says the director.

In fact, thanks to it, he manages to move the story forward at great speed while Stanton’s life turns into a circle with a not very happy ending. Thus, del Toro travels to the most amazingly dark, extraordinary and realistic world in the audiovisual industry: film noir.

An impeccable cast for some good characters

In the plot there is no trace of strange creatures and evil monsters, but Del Toro is enough of his actors to charge the film with tension. Together with Cooper and the Oscar winner Blanchett we find other big faces of hollywood. A heart-stopping cast for captivating characters full of mysteries.

Toni Collette (daggers in the back) plays the fortune-teller Zeena, a veteran tarot seer who knows them all. Collette’s character is married to Pete Krumbein (David Strathairn, Good night and good luck), a mentalist who feels guilty about taking advantage of viewers. Together they change Staton’s life and teach him all the tricks he will later use to deceive.

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If there is any character with some moral in this ‘thriller’, that is Rooney Mara (Millennium: The men who did not love women). Rooney plays Molly, a carnival performer who captivates Stanton. Ever loyal to Cooper’s character, Molly moves to Buffalo with him where they meet Ezra Grindle. This is a tycoon tormented by the loss of a loved one, played by Richard Jenkins (the shape of water).

The cast of actors is completed by Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as Bruno, Willem Dafoe (The lighthouse) as carnival quack Mark Povinelli (Water for elephants) as Major Mosquito, Mary Steenburgen (Melvin y Howard) as Felicia Kimball

behind the scenes

As in front of the cameras, the director surrounds himself with big names behind them. Del Toro has co-wrote the script with Kim Morgan (The forbidden room). In addition, the director produces the film with Oscar winner J. Miles Dale (the shape of water) and Cooper himself.

The dressing room is provided by Luis Sequeira, who meets again with Del Toro after the shape of water. In charge of the music is Nathan Johnson, known for his unconventional work as in daggers in the back.

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Remember: from January 21 you have an appointment in the movie theaters to see the alley of lost souls, the intriguing new film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.