The anthological spin-off ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ will bring back some mythical characters in 2022

Everything we know about the “most unique” series in the zombie franchise, which just got the green light to be a reality next summer.

One of the new ‘spin-off’ of The Walking Dead that AMC announced to have in development last year, Tales of The Walking Dead, It is no longer only a future project within the franchise, but it has already received Green light from the chain to begin production for its premiere in summer 2022. This has been confirmed this week, at the same time that hitherto unknown details about the new fiction have been announced. As you may remember, the only sure thing to date is that the series would function as an anthology, with self-concluding and independent episodes, focused on characters from the universe created by Robert Kirkman.

The news that Tales of the Walking Dead was in development was announced in the summer of 2020, while those responsible for the franchise confirmed that the season 11 of The Walking Dead It would be the last, that season 10 would have six additional episodes and that the ‘spin-off’ centered on the characters of Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) was also announced.

You can know all the details of Tales of the Walking Dead announced by AMC below:

When is ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’ released?

There is still no exact release date, but what AMC has advanced is that Tales of the Walking Dead it will be released in the summer of 2022, next summer.

It is early to know if we will enjoy the ‘spin-off’ before or after the third part of season 11 of The Walking Dead, although we can speculate that the premiere of the anthological series connects, in some way, with the broadcast of the original series or Fear the Walking Dead, to attract viewers who are already fans of the franchise.

Who is behind ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’?

El ‘showrunner’ de Tales of the Walking Dead es Channing Powell.

As usual, the zombie franchise has searched at home for the person in charge of its new great project and has selected a veteran scriptwriter and producer who has worked so hard on The Walking Dead like in Fear the Walking Dead during years. An expert in the tone of the franchise and a good connoisseur of all its characters.

I started out as a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ended up as the showrunner of what will hopefully be one of their most unique spin-offs. [Channing Powell]

Channing Powell will work closely with the head of content for the universe of The Walking Dead, Scott M. Gimple, who for many years was the ‘showrunner’ of the original series.

‘Tales of the Walking Dead’: 6 unknown stories about some iconic characters

As anticipated, the new series will be anthological and its first season – although it is not yet known if there will be more – will feature six individual episodes that will focus on “new and established characters within the original series universe.” Likewise, previously AMC had already suggested that the stories could belong to the past or simply narrate interesting individual adventures, which would allow us to bring back already deceased characters that we would love to see in action again, such as Glenn (Steven Yeun), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and a very long etcetera. So long that the six confirmed episodes make us short.

The format offers the opportunity for the creators to bring back to life some of the most mythical characters that we thought we could never see again, while the universe can be further expanded through stories about other characters that were somehow connected with those we already know. Without going any further, the story of the wild and cannibal humans that gave us the creeps very recently in The Walking Dead.

“This series, more than any other in the universe of The Walking Dead, is based on new voices, perspectives and ideas, bringing stories to life like no other we’ve told before, “Gimple said in a statement.” I’m delighted to be Channing’s ‘consigliere’, helping in whatever way I can to do those new visions come true for the best fans on television. “