The audience dictates its sentence with the premiere of ‘Todos contra 1’: “The ‘What do we bet?’ of the 21st century”

The new La 1 contest was valued very positively by viewers on social networks.


One of TVE’s great bets for this 2023 has arrived. all against 1 It premiered this Thursday, January 19, taking advantage of the broadcast of the Copa de Rey match between Villareal-Real Madrid. This strategy has not gone well for him since he obtained a 9.6% share of the screen. However, the viewers who gave the new La 1 contest a chance agree on the same thing: the ambitious format is “entertainment television“.

all against 1 It is the first competition in Spain in which the audience can participate from home, which can be won with the prize of 100,000 euros by playing through the official app of the program. On the set, a central contestant will have to answer the questions with intuition, daring and mental speed that are proposed in the ten rounds. Sergio Magallanes has been the first contestant of the new format and has had Yolanda Ramos, Manu Baqueiro and Lorena Castell as advisors.

In the program, presented by Rodrigo Vázquez and Raúl Gómez, the contestant’s bets will be measured with the average of the bets of all Spain, and the result that is closest to the solution will win each of the first nine rounds and accumulate money. And in the last round it is determined who gets the prize pot. Will the set participant win or will it be a spectator selected at random from among all those who have played through the App?

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The reaction of the spectators

The audience has surrendered to the premiere of all against 1. “very entertaining tv and familiar”, “live, very good” or “fun and dynamic” are some of the praises that the new contest has received. But they have also highlighted the strong point of the format: “the viewer can play from home is of great importance and a real value for contest”.

Viewers have also compared the new quiz to previous hit formats, and it has caused them great nostalgia. “Mix between The mythical What do we bet? And Carlos Sobera’s ‘I want to be a millionaire’,” writes a Twitter user. “It smells so much of What do we bet!“, acknowledges another user.

“2 cool presenters, 3 funny celebrities, spectacular experiments, the luxury of live broadcast (very correct and with hardly any mistakes) and the possibility of playing from home”, describes all against 1 a user in the well-known social network. A perfect definition for what was lived last night in La 1.

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