The ‘Avatar’ saga still has a big mystery to solve (and if it doesn’t deal with it again it will be a huge script hole)

James Cameron’s film has already surpassed 2,000 million dollars in revenue and is preparing for its next installment.

As James Cameron himself had foreseen, Avatar: The Sense of Water has surpassed 2,000 million dollars, becoming one of the highest grossing films in history. It was already seen coming that the sequel to Avatar It was going to be a box office hit, but the reality is that nobody put their hand in the fire to reach that figure.

The 2,000 million not only ensure that the director will be able to expand the universe of Pandora with a new installment, avatar 3 -which was already filmed and ready to edit long before knowing this success-, but they tell us that, most likely, Cameron will be able to reach his goal and release avatar 4 Y avatar 5. And that’s not only good for his pocket, too. It is great news for fans who will be able to know the answer to several of the unknowns that the film presents..

The great mystery of ‘Avatar: The sense of water’: Kiri

Cameron has not left many details of the plot up in the air, but those that he did want to leave unknown raise many doubts. Starting with the origin of Kiri (Sigourney Weaver), the biological daughter of Dr. Grace Augustine who was gestated while her mother was in a coma and has no known father at this time. When leaving the cinema, the question was on the minds of many spectators: who is Kiri’s father? How could she have been born to a lifeless mother?

While other such mysteries – such as the identity of Spider’s (Jack Champion) mother – might go unnoticed if not answered, Kiri’s origins need to be explained. Not only because it is a recurring question among the public, but also because of the number of times the characters mention it in the plot and because of the adolescent’s constant search for identity. If they have opened that melon, they have to close it.

‘Avatar 3’: release date, who returns and who doesn’t, new clans and plots and everything we know about the third film in the saga

The adopted daughter of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) is in her mid-teens, trying to figure out who she is and, most of all, wondering who her mother was and who her father is. She manages to connect with her thanks to the spiritual tree of the Metkayina and it is this moment that gives us a clue to solve her mystery.

Since Kiri has a strong connection to Pandora and it’s hard to imagine a physical father exists, the most likely answer is that the young woman is the fruit of mother nature. There are many theories on the internet that go this way and believe that Kiri is a miracle in the purest Virgin Mary style. This would fit perfectly into the James Cameron universe, where the connection to Pandora is essential.

However, we need an official confirmation and that has to come, necessarily, in the following installments of the franchise.