‘The Batman’: Enigma, violence and a bad relationship with Catwoman in the latest (and disturbing) trailer

Matt Reeves is in charge of the new installment of the Dark Knight, which stars Robert Pattinson. It opens on March 4.

“Revenge equals justice for both the bat and the cat.” This is how Warner Bros. sums up the new trailer for The Batman. If expectations are already through the roof, the newly released preview only increases the desire to see Robert Pattinson in action as the new Dark Knight from the hand of Matt Reeves, who directs the film. In this trailer, the game between Bat Man and Enigma is the order of the day, as well as the relationship between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle.

“I’ve been trying to get to you,” Enigma tells the DC hero in an enigmatic call, “I’m here to unmask the truth about this sewer we call a city.” The villain knows something about Bruce Wayne’s past and, before revealing it, he is going to put him to the test.

What is the relationship between the two? Bruce Wayne and Edward Nashton (Enigma) Share More Than You Think. As an international trailer published a few weeks ago hinted, the two have known each other since childhood and it is possible that their rivalry arose in their earliest childhood. The preview featured a picture of Thomas and Martha Wayne with little Bruce. Beside him, a bespectacled boy who appears to be Edward Nashton. At least that is what seems to indicate the question that has drawn.

‘The Batman’: An international trailer gives new clues about Bruce Wayne’s past with Enigma

The other relationship that dominates the images is that of Wayne and Selina Kyle. It seems that they do not get along from the first moment, but they join forces to take down a greater enemy. It is she who seems to promote the alliance when she tells her partner: “if we don’t get up, nobody will. The bat and the cat, it sounds good.”

The trailer lets us get a glimpse of Reeves’ vision of the famous vigilante. From what the images seem to say, it will be a story full of secrets and old quarrels, with tormented characters and many traumas that have not been treated. The debate around whether ‘the end justifies the means’ and the limits of good and evil is on the table. “Justice, the answer is justice”says the hero.

The Batman, the new movie about the Dark Knight played by Robert pattinson, hits theaters on March 4, 2022. In its cast we find great actors giving life to mythical DC characters. Colin Farrell is Penguin, Paul Damage of life to Enigma, John Turturro gets into the skin of Carmine Falcone, Andy Serkis will be the mythical Alfred Pennyworth, Zoë Kravitz will appear as the infallible Catwoman and Jeffrey Wright will become James Gordon.

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