‘The Batman’: What is Alfred’s lie to Bruce Wayne that appears in the trailer?

Actor and director Andy Serkis plays the butler of the Dark Knight, played this time by Robert Pattinson.

As we saw in the latest trailer for The Batman, Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis) is not being honest with Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson). What terrible secret has he kept from him all these years? In the advance of the film that will hit Spanish theaters on March 4, we can see a dark knight disappointed with his butler as he says the phrase: “All these years, you lied to me Alfred”. After that, we see an embarrassed Alfred looking at his perfectly clean shoes, with regret written all over his face.

Without a doubt, it is a trailer that has left fans very intrigued and leaves a great question: what lie did Alfred tell Bruce? It appears to be a serious and powerful secret, threatening to shake their relationship to the core.. For this reason, there are several theories that already circulate about the lie of the butler. Here we collect them all.

The reason the Riddler is involving Bruce Wayne

The character of The Riddler (also known as Enigma or Riddle in Spanish), played by Paul Dano is the main villain in The Batman– A highly intelligent assassin who takes aim at the Gotham City authorities, and leaves cryptic clues at every crime scene. According to the trailer footage, many of these clues are directed at the Dark Knight, whom he has already identified as Bruce Wayne. According to Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), the criminal’s trail leads to the Wayne family, thus involving Batman.

Riddler seems to know some dark secret about the Wayne family, which would explain why the criminal involved Batman. Many wealthy citizens of Gotham have parents who have been involved in some dirty affairs of the great city, and also the powerful son of one of those bloodlines dispenses justice under a secret identity.

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Theory: The Wayne family’s secret links them to Gotham’s corruption

What Riddler discovers, and what Alfred has kept hidden from Bruce for so long, is probably the secret that connects the Wayne family to Gotham’s corruption. In his own words in the trailer, the villain’s goal is to expose “the dark well” on which Gotham City has been built.. His targets are Mayor Don Mitchell, Gil Colson (the district attorney), and Commissioner Peter Savage. If the criminal shows interest in the Wayne family, they too must have been complicit in poisoning Gotham’s moral integrity.

The Wayne’s secret inevitably lies in their wealth. Either they got rich through shady means, or they made a legitimate living. Perhaps Thomas Wayne took bribes or paid politicians to get Wayne Enterprises favorable deals against its competitors. An important clue is the word “Sins Of My Father” that appears on The Riddler’s board of inquiry, which directly implicates Bruce Wayne’s father in criminal matters. The crimes Wayne Sr. could even explain the presence of Carmine Falcone (played by John Turturro) in The Batman: a notorious mob boss, who might have done business with the Wayne family.

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Theory: The Wayne were part of The Riddler’s tragic past

The feverish passion with which, it seems, the character of Paul Dano pursues Bruce Wayne may imply a personal connection between them. It’s not just about Riddler playing around and exposing wrongdoing in the upper echelons of the city, but as a consequence of a deeper affair between him and the Wayne family. Although the advances of The Batman They have not revealed the origin behind the criminal, his murders and his complex puzzles suggest the suffering of a most murky past. ANDEdward Nashton (villain’s real name) could have lost his parents in childhood, seen them incarcerated, or suffered emotional trauma. Perhaps the Wayne Foundation could have helped the Nashtons medically or with a financial grant, but Thomas’s ties to the mob and local politicians got in the way.

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Theory: Wayne’s participated in the Court of Owls

The most talked about theory by fans of The Batman The Court of Owls involves: an underground organization made up of noble families who secretly controlled Gotham City for centuries. Staunch readers of DC comics point to Riddler’s greeting card in the first Batman trailer featuring a cartoon owl as proof that Batman will be inspired by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s storyline titled Court of Owls. If so, it stands to reason that – as one of Gotham’s wealthiest families – Thomas and Martha Wayne would have membership cards in the city’s secret club. This is the matter that Alfred probably would have been aware of, and it is large enough to hit Bruce and change the idealistic perception of his late parents.

The plot makes even more sense if Thomas and Martha Wayne were involved in the Court of Owls and Riddler could be looking to end this secret society.

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Theory: Thomas Wayne was a masked vigilante in the past

The odds that Alfred’s lie is connected to Batman’s investigation of the Riddler figure are highly likely, but not entirely guaranteed. Instead, the butler’s big secret might be that Thomas Wayne was something of a vigilante in his day. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was about to be a brutal version of Thomas Wayne in The Flash, but in the end that decision was not made. Director Matt Reeves could make that same decision with a different actor. With this identity, before Bruce was born, Thomas could have waged a war on crime in Gotham, with the support of Alfred Pennyworth.

The trailers of The Batman They have shown Alfred’s deep disapproval of Bruce’s career and how concerned he is about his state of mind. Alfred might even tell Bruce that his parents didn’t “want” revenge, only for Pattinson’s character to discover that his father actually took the exact same path as him in the past.

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Did Thomas’s secret cause Wayne’s murders?

One last possibility is that Alfred knows the full story of the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, but tells Bruce a doctored version of the truth. Batman becomes a masked hero after seeing his parents shot to death outside a movie theater. The millionaire grows up believing the attack was fatal, but perhaps there is a darker aspect to the crime that Alfred doesn’t want Bruce to know about.. This theory also works in conjunction with any of the above scenarios. If Thomas Wayne was an accessory to Gotham’s corruption, perhaps he was murdered for his sins. If the family involved in the Court of Owls, the secret group could have ordered his assassination, and if Thomas were a masked vigilante, an old enemy could have killed him and Martha in revenge.

It’s possible that when Riddler begins to unearth the truth, Bruce will find out the full story of Wayne’s murders and will confront Alfred for being insincere. We will have to wait until March next year to find out all these doubts about the plot of the film. We leave you with the trailer in Spanish on these lines.

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