The best 4K TVs to play with PS5, Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch

resolution and sharpness of the image, the intensity of the colors or the purity of the blacks. Each of the big ones, like Samsung, Sony or LG to name a few, has its own technology and promotes features -sometimes- with bombastic names. But at the end of the day, what matters is that movies and video games are seen in the best possible way, and with this in mind, here we bring you a selection of 4K televisions to get the most out of PS5, xbox-series either nintendoswitch.

In total we present you seven televisions from different brands with various price ranges, so that based on your budget, you can choose the option that best suits your needs, taking into account that all of them offer 4K resolution. Among the options you have brands like Xiaomi, LG with its OLED panels, Samsung and Sony, with some already veteran models that right now tend to have a fairly affordable price without being too far behind with respect to the new panels.

As always, we offer you some advice on the best price at which you can buy these panels, since if it is higher than what we are discussing, it is likely that you will find better options for those amounts of money. With all this, we hope that this top will help you when buying a new 4K television.