The best and worst of Shadow and Bone is exactly the same, and that’s how the first two episodes of Season 2 have reminded me of it.

Almost two years have passed since April 23, 2021, when the first season of Shadow and Bone premiered on Netflix. The fantasy series based on the literary saga written by Leigh Bardugo At that time it became great news for the streaming platform. It would take a little less than two months to be renewed for a second season… Which premiered yesterday.

The story, based on the two subseries Shadow and Bone and six of crows, has been supervised by Bardugo herself. With a production far from the level of other fantasy series and literary adaptations that we have seen during this time, such as The Rings of Power, Foundation or even a housemate like The Witcher, the truth is that Shadow and Bone managed to get hold of a legion of fans during its premiere.

A very intelligent series that exudes personality

Perhaps Bardugo’s intelligence at the time of adapt his own work by crossing the two subsagas at the same timewhich gives the story a lot of rhythm, or more setting details such as that shadow gap that cuts the planet in two halves, are responsible for it.

Yesterday I was able to watch the first two episodes and I was able to remember again the reason why I also liked that first season… As well as realizing that the series’ problems come from the same place: the chemistry between the actorsand consequently, the characters shown on the screen.

If I think about the best of the first season, the scenes between kirigan (Ben Barnes) and Alina (Jessie Mei Li) Little girl (Danielle Galligan) and Matthias (Calahan Skogman) or the entire Six of Crows group. They are actors who work great with each other and are responsible for the explosion in popularity of the series on networks like Tik Tok.

The key is in the chemistry between the actors

The end of the first season leaves us with Kirigan and Alina facing each other, as well as Nina and Matthias separated. And what gives us the start of the second season are quite a few minutes of Alina and Malyen, a couple that is very difficult to believe on screen. The fact that Jessie works with other actors like Barnes or even Daisy Head, who plays Genya the healer, makes it clear who the problem is.

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The little chemistry between them, as well as the higher level as an actor of Barnes, act to the detriment of the plot that should be central to the story: Alina’s search for a way to end the rift thanks to her Sun Caller powers. Again, I found myself distracted at these times, and high spirits at later times. heists from the Six of Crows or in the Kirigan scenes.

In summary, of course I will continue to watch the season, because it is one of those series that exudes personality. However, the shadow of knowing what happens in the books and being certain that they will exploit one of the least interesting relationships in the series is just something that will fly over my mind every minute I spend in front of the screen.

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