The best legal sites to watch series and movies for free in streaming

We collect the platforms that offer fiction without paying through the internet. From Oscar-winning films to Emmy-winning series. And all at a click and without paying.

In these days of a sofa, a lounger and a click, in which it seems that whoever is not subscribed to a streaming platform has no life, there is a whole world to discover of platforms that offer movies and series for free and legally without having to be subscribed. Some broadcast advertising, but others, like RTVE, not even. We collect you the main streaming platforms where you can see the best online content for free, which we already recommend in its day in nur TikTok channel to which we invite you to subscribe if you have not already done so.

1. Pluto TV

Online television works like uOn television with programs in continuous broadcast, but on the Internet. To watch you don’t need to register or download anything. It is maintained thanks to advertising and has a very wide catalog of cinema and series, although perhaps the titles are not up to date. It is organized by categories: movies, series, and also for topics such as lifestyle, children, crime and mystery or comedies. Among the series in its catalog there are some mythical titles such as Curro Jimenez, O Without breasts there is no paradise. There is also a category dedicated to anime and another for MTV and the different content offered by this online television.

2. It is a television service like that of in which both series and movies are offered online. Nor do you have to register, just click, and put up with the ads they broadcast. From its peculiar catalog, the collection of films stands out by Bruce Lee, light comedy and minor Latin American cinema. We are also huge fans of his apocalyptic section titled: Monsters, Disasters and Chaos. There is also a specific space for children.

3. We make RTVE

The RTVE platform offers quality content for all audiences, both Spanish and international productions. It offers classic cinema, but also more modern as the very popular and multi-award-winning The life of Adele. But also a wide catalog of series and Spanish cinema, both modern and classic.


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4. is an on-demand cinema platform that has a section on its website specific with the title of free, where to find more than 300 movies available without paying. They offer familiar titles, such as A mom in distress O Pérez, but also classics for adults like Natural Born Killers, O Diary of a Nympho.


If you have a public library card you will be able to access to the Efilm catalog. You can access classic titles like The great Dictator, to Goya winning films, such as Snow White, or to a wide catalog of family cinema. Although some autonomies such as Andalusia, Aragon or the Valencian Community are excluded.

6. HBO and Amazon Prime Video

If you have special interest andn an HBO series or movie there is a one-week free subscription without obligation of permanence. Too Amazon Prime offers a 30-day trial period. On the opposite side is Netflix that no longer offers the option of free content during a trial period.


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The web is a streaming television service and you can watch both live television, movies and series from its archive with more than 20,000 titless on sale, some mythical horror like Train to Busan or American Psycho 2. It does not require a subscription and offers an extensive and up-to-date catalog including programs from the US and the BBC that are easy to get hooked on.


The perfect choice for fans of Korean culture and K-pop is IQIYI They offer a wide content of Korean and Asian series and movies subtitled in Spanish.

9. Crunchy Roll

The Web Crunchy Roll is the Netflix of anime fans. With the free version you can access a limited part of their catalog.


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