The best pastry chef: 5 things to know about the new host Marie Portolano

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The tenth season of “Best Pastry Chef” begins this Wednesday evening on M6. Cyril Lignac and Mercotte will be accompanied by a new host Marie Portolano.

Change in the kitchen! A new host arrives in “The best pastry chef”. It is Marie Portolano who is responsible for presenting this tenth season after Julia Vignali’s departure for “Télématin” on France 2. Cyril Lignac and Mercotte are always there to imagine the events, taste and rate the dishes of the twenty candidates. Who is Marie Portolano? La Dépêche helps you get to know each other.

  • Soccer supporter from adolescence

When Marie Portolano was 13, in 1998, her mother was appointed director of Gaz de Strasbourg. The family moved to Alsace where they spent two years. This is where young Marie becomes a football supporter. She regularly goes to the Meinau stadium where she encourages the Strasbourg Racing club. She was initiated by her brothers Benoît and Pierre. “When our parents went out on Saturday nights and we stayed at home, it was football on TV. At first, the horror … then it became a passion. Including at recess,” a she told Télé Loisirs.

  • 6 months in backpack mode in Africa

At the age of 19, Marie Portolano went to Africa for six months with a backpack. Direction Cape Town in South Africa. When she returned to France, it was decided: she wanted to be a journalist. She began her career at LCI in 2008 then moved on to sports channels: Eurosport, CFoot, beIN Sport and the Canal football club from 2014 with Hervé Mathoux on Canal +.

Marie Portolano is married to actor, humorist and producer Grégoire Ludig. She has a son, James, born in late 2014 and 6 years old. Marie Portolano describes herself in Télé Loisirs as “a pretty cool mother, but very keen on her education”.

  • A shocking doc on sexism in sports journalism

At the start of 2021, Marie Portolano and Guillaume Priou are making a documentary to evoke the place of women in sports journalism and the place of women in editorial staff. Its title: “I’m not a slut, I’m a journalist”. About fifteen journalists testify: Clémentine Sarlat, Estelle Denis, Isabelle Ithurburu, Nathalie Ianetta or Laurie Delhostal. This documentary led to the ousting of journalist Pierre Menès from Canal + and led to eleven disciplinary proceedings within Radio France.

  • The host who climbs on M6

Marie Portolano arrived on M6 last spring. She presented “100% Euro” on the occasion of the Football World Cup. She also embarked on entertainment with “The Extraordinary Evening” at the end of June. From this Thursday, Marie Portolano will present “The best pastry chef” each week followed in the second part of the evening by “The best pastry chef: cakes to order” with duels organized between participants of the first nine seasons of the show.