The best series and movies to enjoy Travis Fimmel beyond ‘Vikings’

The actor who was the mythical Ragnar has other equally epic titles in his filmography. Starting with ‘Raised by wolves’, whose season 2 premieres on HBO Max in February.

For many, Travis Fimmel is vikings. And vice versa. The actor rose to fame with the History series and, at the same time, fiction achieved great popularity thanks, in part, to the interpreter’s work as Ragnar. Actor and production are closely linked and his departure in season 4 left all his fans a little confused. The story went on without him, but many agree that he lost a bit of his charm.

Thanks to Ragnar, Travis Fimmel has a large number of fans around the world and, although many will always see him as the mythical warrior, in his filmography we find evidence that he is much more than that. He has stayed away from the big Hollywood productions, but that does not mean that there are no interesting films in his career. Fimmel has surprised us as the alcoholic father of a teenager and even as a sperm donor in a romantic comedy.

One of his most recent hits, Raised by Wolves, premieres season 2 in February -in Spain we can see it on HBO Max- and we take the opportunity to review films and series by Travis Fimmel that make us know him better as an actor, beyond vikings.

‘Raised by Wolves’ (2020)

Directed by Ridley Scott -although created by Aaron Guzikowski-, Raised by Wolves was a pleasant surprise for science fiction lovers in 2020. The imaginative universe in which the series takes place introduces us to Father and Mother, two androids in charge of raising humans on an unknown planet. The plan goes according to plan until the number of humans grows and discrepancies arise in the religion that dominates the system.

Fimmel plays Marcus, an important member of the religious organization who surprises with an interesting twist.. Although it has nothing to do with vikings, is one of the best options to continue enjoying the actor in an equally epic environment.

Where to see: HBO Max

‘The Experiment’ (2010)

Fimmel does not have a great role in The experiment, but it is a good opportunity to learn about his beginnings in acting. Premiered in 2010, is one of his first feature films, in which he starred shortly before being cast in vikings.

‘Remake’ of a 2001 German film, titled The experiment, tells the story of 20 men who decide to participate in a sociological experiment to earn some money. Thus they end up in a fictional prison with assigned roles. 12 of them will be guards and 8 will take the role of prisoners. As time passes, everyone will bring out their worst side.

Where to see: Amazon Prime Video

‘Warcraft: The Origin’ (2016)

Warcraft: The Origin It is possibly the most commercial production of Travis Fimmel’s filmography. The actor has decided to take a more independent profile and, seeing what happened with this film, we can imagine why. The critics destroyed it, but the public received it quite well. It is one of those cases in which it is almost better to see it and judge for oneself.

Warcraft It is based on the successful video game, so its arrival on the big screen was a long-awaited premiere. We could say that he is a victim of the so-called ‘video game curse’ and that he loses himself trying to be faithful to a product that, inevitably, works better in another format.

Where to see: Rakuten TV, Apple TV+, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft

‘Maggie’s Plan’ (2015)

A good option to see Travis Fimmel in a completely different facet than the one we are used to is Maggie’s Plan. Between battle and battle, Fimmel signed for this comedy Rebecca Miller, which stars Greta Gerwig Y Ethan Hawke. His role is secondary, but it is worth seeing him in this guise, as an endearing and innocent sperm donor.

The story focuses on Maggie, a New Yorker who, tired of waiting for the ideal partner, decides to be a single mother. He does it through Guy Childers (Fimmel), an old acquaintance from the university where he works. One day he meets John Harding, with whom a close relationship arises. John will disrupt Maggie’s plans, who plans to be a mother, in any way.

Where to see: Rakuten TV, Apple TV+, Amazon, Google Play

‘Lean on Pete’ (2018)

As we say, Travis Fimmel has decided to develop his career away from the Hollywood spotlight. Thanks to this you can enjoy great jewels such as Lean on Pete, a drama where we see again a Fimmel very different from Ragnar and other similar roles.

Here he plays the alcoholic father of a 15-year-old teenager who is unable to support his own child. For this reason, the young man begins to work as a horse trainer. In this way he will make friends with the horse, called Lean on Pete, and, when he discovers that they want to get rid of him, he will not hesitate to flee through the vast American wilderness.

Where to see: Amazon Prime Video

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