The best Turkish love series on Netflix

If you love romantic fictions, full of tangles but with a happy ending, write down these recommendations.

Netflix tries to satisfy the needs of all its subscribers and we can say that it succeeds because, whatever you like, you will find a wide offer on the streaming platform. Today we have to talk about the Turkish series, which little by little have found their place and are already consolidated in the service. Not only are they licensed fictions, it is also full of original productions that you will not find anywhere else and that have been very well received by fans.

If what you are looking for is a Turkish love series, one of those stories that leave you overwhelmed on the couch and wanting to see another episode, try these recommendations. If you simply like the genre -without being Turkish- here are the best romantic series to watch on Netflix. So that you enjoy them when you finish with your guilty pleasure and give free rein to your most passionate feelings.

‘Club Istanbul’ (2021)

One of the great releases of 2021 on Netflix has been Club Istanbul. The Turkish series has been among the most viewed on the platform with almost 8 million hours of views. It is a period fiction of impossible loves and maternal relationships that are not going as well as they could.

It is set in Istanbul in the 1950s and introduces us to Matilda, a woman who has just been released from prison. Upon entering, he left his daughter in an orphanage and now he wants to reconnect with her, something that will not be easy. The young Rasel has fallen in love with an undesirable boy and Matilda is afraid that he will end up astray, so she forbids her to see him.

‘Crossing’ (2016)

Turkish productions are adept at presenting troubled lives with totally surprising twists. This is how it can be summed up Crossing, a series with drama, romance and many breaks in the script.

Ali is a businessman who maintains a high standard of living. He likes luxury and, above all, cars. A family does not enter into his plans, but suddenly he discovers that he has a son he does not know and the mother commits suicide in front of him. At the same time, they come across a young married couple who have decided not to have children after their first baby was stillborn. Their lives will change forever.

‘Love 101’ (2020 – present)

A love story somewhat different from the typical dramatic romances of Turkish series is love 101. The series takes place in a high school and is full of emotion and good messages.

At the center of the story is a group of students facing expulsion for their misbehavior. They don’t quite fit in and most teachers frown upon them. Everyone except Burcu, who wants to understand and protect them. Therefore, when they find out that the teacher is about to be relocated, they look for a partner so that she can get married and, according to the law, choose the destination that best suits her.

‘Black Money Love’ (2014 – 2015)

Black Money Love, or as it is known in Spain Smuggling love, is a two-season Turkish series that was already broadcast on Antena 3 and now you can enjoy it on Netflix. It is ideal for lovers of the romantic genre.

The premise, at least, attracts. Tell how Omer and Elif’s paths cross after his fiancee and her father are found murdered in the same vehicle. As soon as they met at the police station, they began to investigate why they were killed and what they knew each other about. In addition to the tragic event, Elif’s family discovers that it is bankrupt and Omer, who had already lived through the murder of his father years ago, is devastated.