The biggest heavy metal fans are in Latin America

(ETX Daily Up) – Sixty years after first appearing in the UK, metal still stands the test of time. This musical genre owes its longevity to its audience of enthusiasts, as international as they are multi-generational. A new report from Chartmetric reveals that it is, however, concentrated in certain major cities, particularly in South America.

The musical analysis platform took an interest in a musical style often snubbed by the general public. She looked at the listening statistics of heavy metal artists present on Spotify, in order to establish a ranking of the cities where they are the most popular.

And Mexico is in the lead. The Mexican capital concentrates the most fans of the genre compared to the diversity of the local metal scene. In detail, Mexican singers specializing in metal have, on average, 2,500 monthly listeners on Spotify over the past three years. While that number may not seem impressive, it’s much more so when you consider that music lovers living in Mexico City typically listen to over 4,200 different heavy metal artists every month. In other words, they favor “metalheads”. Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) are also among the top three cities where heavy metal is particularly popular, with more than 2,400 monthly listeners on Spotify. These results are all the more surprising given that Helsinki, the Finnish capital, is only in 11th place in the Chartmetric ranking. Yet Finland is often described as the country with the most heavy metal bands in the world per capita, as former US President Barack Obama said in 2016 at a Nordic summit in the White House. Data compiled from Spotify by Chartmetric confirms Finns’ infatuation with this subversive genre as music lovers living in Helsinki listen to more than 4,000 different heavy metal artists every month. But when it comes to musical diversity in metal, the international champions are the people of Chicago (USA), with 4,628 different musicians per month. Chartmetric’s report shows the loyalty of heavy metal fans to this musical style, which has spawned multiple derivatives and subgenres over the years. They are so faithful to their idols that they encourage many emerging artists to renew this “heavy rock” which has made known bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath or even Sepultura. “While metal doesn’t necessarily offer the same prospects of fame and wealth as artists breaking into mainstream genres like hip-hop and pop, legions of new metal bands try their luck every year,” says Wyatt Marshall, Director of Music Intelligence & Analytics for Soundcloud.

They have a great chance of getting noticed in cities like Surabaya (Indonesia) and Quezon City (Philippines), where metal fans listen to a large number of musicians whose first opus was released after 2010. But, on the scale worldwide, the essential artists of the genre remain Linkin Park, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and System Of A Down.