The Black Knight and the curse of the Ebon Blade. This is the powers of the character of Kit Harington in ‘Eternals’

Dane Whitman, the role of the ‘Game of Thrones’ actor, is introduced in the film directed by Chloé Zhao. What is this superhero like in the comics?

BEWARE, ‘SPOILERS’! The following news contains ‘spoilers’ of Eternals.

Eternals, the last installment of the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has introduced a whole new group of superheroes: the eternal, a race of superhumans created by the Celestials to protect the Earth. But they aren’t the only characters to make their debut in the Chloé Zhao-directed film. We also find Kit Harington playing Dane Whitman, the future Black knight.

The role of the actor who gave life to Jon Nieve on Game of Thrones has very little weight in Eternals and he is presented as a employee of the Natural History Museum From london and the boyfriend of Sersi (Gemma Chan). Only at the end of the film and in the second post-credits scene have fans had a foretaste of the potential of this character in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who is the Black Knight in the House of Ideas comics? We tell you:

In the Marvel comics, Dane Whitman is a member of the MI13, a top secret intelligence agency whose goal is to protect the United Kingdom from magical, alien and superhuman threats. What allows this character to join this elite group is his legacy and Ebony Sword, a very powerful weapon that he has in his possession.

The origin of the Ebon Blade

The comics tell that this sword was created by Marline, the famous sorcerer of Arthurian legends, from the meteorite named Starstone. Merlin worked alongside Sir Percy de Scandia to turn this meteor into different weapons.

They not only shaped the Ebon Sword, but also a dagger, a chalice, and a shield. The sword, meanwhile, was made to be the dark counterpart of the Excalibur of King Arthur. As with the Flour from Thor, the Ebon Sword is connected to its owner.

The first to adopt the identity of the Black Knight was Sir Percy, Dane Whitman’s ancestor. Hence, Harington’s character tells Sersi in Eternals that his family’s story has some quirks..

The powers and curse of the Ebon Blade

The sword, which first appears in the second post-credit scene of Eternals, has, in the comics, the ability to cut any object or substance except for other enchanted weapons and the Adamantium. Among his other abilities is that of destroy worlds, absorb energy, and transport its owner to its location when summoned. That is, as if every time Thor raises his arm for the Mjölnir to reach him, the god of thunder is transported to the place where the hammer is located instead of the latter being the one that flies into his hand.

The Ebon Sword is also capable of open paths through different dimensions -Will we see it in action in the multiverse of Phase 4 of the MCU? immune to the effects of magic, may send its owner back in time to occupy the body of his ancestor and prevents the death of its wearer.

With this information, you will have already understood the great power that this gadget possesses. But why is Dane Whitman hesitant to touch the Ebon Sword in the second post-credit scene of Eternals? If you remember this moment, in the box in which this gadget is stored there is a phrase engraved in Latin: “Death is my gain”. This can be translated as “death is my reward”. In addition, you can hear in the background the voice of Eric Brooks/Blade (Mahershala Ali) asking Harington’s character, “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”

These details that we just mentioned anticipate the curse that the Ebon Sword possesses. The one who carries it becomes a very powerful being, but the blade corrupts its owner. Slowly, this contraption infects the wielder with its darkness and turns him more bloodthirsty and violent over time. This drives its wielder to the brink of insanity and furthermore, the blade of the sword is fed and increases its strength through death and bloodshed.. This can cause its owner to transform into a malevolent entity known as Blood Specter. In the comics, Sean Dolan, Dane Whitman’s squire, succumbed to the Ebon Blade, becoming this being.

Black Panther, Namor, Sersi and Valkyrie have been some of the wielders of the Ebon Sword in the comics.

The Sword of Ebonies was going to be introduced in ‘Doctor Strange’

Eternals has been the film commissioned to introduce Dane Whitman and the Ebon Blade, but this contraption was going to appear for the first time in Doctor Strange (Doctor Extraño). Barry GibbsHead of props for the film starring Benedict Cumberbatch, said in 2016 that the sword was going to appear in the first installment about Marvel’s Supreme Sorcerer.

‘Doctor Strange’ was going to advance the introduction of the Black Knight, the character of Kit Harington

According to Gibbs, a mold was built for her and also a book called Lexicon of Relics. Finally, the idea was removed from the script.

The truth is that the magical nature of the Ebon Blade and the fact that it was Merlin who built it fits with the world of relics and wizardry of Doctor Strange. Will we ever see Harington as Dane Whitman in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness?

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