The Body movie download by the website FMovies

The Body movie download by the website FMovies

Certainly, it was more than the mere eye-candy the Spanish film ‘The Body’ cast on international filmgoers that made it attract filmmakers from around the world. Now, the remake of the film is going to be made in English as well.

The film has already been remade in Kannada, Tamil, and Korean. It’s just that the movie (Hindi remake, The Body), which was just released in cinemas this weekend, did not do well at all.

The Body movie download

The director Jeetu Joseph, who had directed a successful movie like ‘Drishyam’ in the South, was supposed to make a good crime thriller with this first Hindi film but the expectation didn’t come to pass.

The Body movie Story:

It is described in the film that the dead body of a wealthy businesswoman Maya Verma (Shobhita Dhulipala) suddenly vanishes from the morgue, which is being investigated by SP Jayaraj Rawal (Rishi Kapoor).

The suspicion of immorality is pointed towards Ajay’s husband, Ajay Puri (Imran Hashmi), who is in a serious extra-marital affair with his wife’s student, Ritu (Vedika).

As Ajay continues his investigation, he finds that Maya has been lying to him and that she is trying to seduce him.

The plot of this film is interesting, but the writing is extremely sloppy. It is difficult to follow the story of the film, thanks to ongoing flashbacks and romantic songs that ruin the enjoyment of the film’s suspense.

In all but one scene, the entire film takes place in a laboratory, in which there is a good chance the doctor will be seen once. Although the production values of the film are low, it still exudes the feel of a crime serial on television.

Its cast members all acted a little too mediocre. There was only one positive thing about this movie and that was its climax.