The Bogdanoff brothers considered themselves “immune” to the Covid-19, according to Pierre-Jean Chalençon

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Igor Bogdanoff died on Monday January 3, six days after his brother, Grichka. The twins believed that their “extraordinary hygiene of life” would immunize them against Covid-19, according to their friend and Napoleon specialist Pierre-Jean Chalençon.

Six days after his twin brother Grichka, Igor Bogdanoff in turn died of the Covid-19, this Monday, January 3, at the age of 72. “They waited too long” said their friend Pierre-Jean Chalençon, guest on the set of BFMTV on Tuesday.

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“A priori, they passed the baby between them. They saw each other every day, they are very close, Igor and Grichka. They caught it at the end of November-beginning of December. They thought it was a flu. remained caulked at home, but did not take care of themselves. They took care of themselves a little late “explains the collector.

The brothers considered themselves “immune”

The twins, natives of Saint-Lary in the Gers and stars of the small screen after having hosted the show “Temps X” from 1979, were not vaccinated against the coronavirus, even if the family did not want to, as with Grichka, confirm the cause of death. The two brothers were hospitalized on December 15, then quickly placed in intensive care.

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According to Napoleon’s specialist, the brothers considered themselves “immune” to Covid-19 thanks to their “extraordinary hygiene of life”. “They eat seeds, they don’t drink alcohol. Besides, that’s why when we invite them to dinner, they often arrive after dinner so as not to be tempted,” he recalls. “We said that they were antivax, they are absolutely not antivax. Several of their friends told them to be vaccinated. But they considered that in relation to their hygiene of life, and their (absence of) comorbidity, they were not the target of the Covid “concludes their late friend.

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