The Bogdanoffs, the vaccine, their chin: the revelations of Luc Ferry after the death of Grichka

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According to the philosopher Luc Ferry, ex-Minister of Education and 30-year-old friend of the Bogdanoffs, Grichka, struck down by the Covid – like Igor, placed in intensive care – believed himself in perfect health and considered the vaccine more dangerous than the virus.

Long-time friend of the most famous twins of the PAF, Luc Ferry remains inconsolable, three days after the death of Grichka, struck down Tuesday, December 28 by the Covid-19. To our colleagues from the “Parisian”, the philosopher and ex-Minister of Education, revealed that only three weeks ago, when neither one nor the other presented any symptoms, he had asked them to to get vaccinated. In vain … Despite his insistence, Luc Ferry failed to convince the twins, they who believed themselves to be in perfect health and out of danger. “They were not antivax but against the treatment for themselves”, he specifies.

Igor would still be in a coma

Sportsmen, concerned about their weight and their health, the Bogdanoff seem however to have minimized the importance of their age, since at 72 years, they belonged to a contingent of population known as “at risk”. Contaminated by the virus in circumstances that we do not know, Grichka died after several days in intensive care, while his brother Igor would still be hospitalized and placed in a coma according to the philosopher.

“They were never sick, even their chin was not a disease”

Whether he treated them as “crazy” or whether he qualified their attitude as “grotesque”, Luc Ferry was unable to reconcile the twins with the vaccine which they thought more dangerous than the virus itself, and especially useless. “They were never sick, even their chin was not a disease, it was just botox, they told me,” reveals their friend who now hopes for Igor’s next awakening, but also fears this moment: “Can you imagine his pain when he learns of his brother’s death?” “…