‘The Bridgertons’: The creators had prepared a very different ending for one of its protagonists

The premiere date of the second season of Netflix’s acclaimed period fiction has yet to be confirmed.

There is less and less time for the second season of The Bridgertons to arrive on Netflix, although the stoppage of filming months ago has delayed its premiere more than fans expected. However the new advancement of fiction shown at the TUDUM event of the streaming platform last week has once again awakened the interest of the public. In addition, in said event, great revelations were made about the different destiny that awaited one of his protagonists.

Actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, assured that the end of the first season was going to be very, very, different from the one we all saw in December 2020. The interpreter alluded to the mysterious role of Lady Whistledown, for whom the creators had a much more disparate future than actually took place.

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In the last episode of the first installment, the identity of Lady Whistledown, who despite having been invisible during all the episodes played a key role in the plot of the fiction, and became one more protagonist. The architect of all the gossip that came to light and those stinging chronicles of dance parties it was none other than Penelope, the youngest of the Featherington family.

However, Penelope was not chosen in the first place to adopt the identity of Whistledown. The first candidate was Cressida Cowper, played by actress Jessica Madsen, and who became a major threat to Daphne by snatching the prince’s affection midway through the first season and trying to get revenge. As Coughlan has revealed, The finale had already been shot with Cowper in the role of Whistledown. It was in the reshoots of the series that took place in July 2020 when they changed the candidate.

It was a new shoot in July, so they had filmed a different ending. They were gonna make it look like I was Cressida Cowper

Coughlan also confirmed that the creators were hesitant to reveal the identity of this mysterious character in the first or second season. However, after the confirmation of the renewal of the series, the first option was the most viable so that the plot could focus on other characters, as in the Julia Quinn novels.

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The second season of The Bridgertons will adapt the action from the book ‘The Viscount Who Loved Me’, and to the chagrin of some of his fans, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings (Regé-Jean Pag) are not going to be the center of the story; hence the absence of the actor when considering not having enough prominence in this continuation. Each book focuses on the story of one of the Bridgertons, and now it is the turn of another member of the famous English family.

At the moment, and although Quinn wrote nine books on The Bridgertons, Netflix has confirmed the renewal of the series for a third and fourth season.