The Callisto Protocol is not selling well at all according to analysts: they intended to reach 5 million copies sold, but that forecast has been greatly reduced – The Callisto Protocol

One of the games that has started the year on the wrong foot is The Callisto Protocol. Many people have felt disappointed both with the video game and with the performance on PC, but all this has had a negative impact on Striking Distance Studios. According to various analysts, sales have not accompanied at all.

The goal was to sell 5 million copies, but it will be difficult to reach 2 million considering that its budget is over 160 million dollars.

As summarized in Twisted Voxel, the budget for The Callisto Protocol went up to 160 million dollars. Sales expectations were around 5 million copies sold, according to the estimates of different securities companies. From Samsung Securities they have described the game as a commercial failure and now the goal would be to reach 2 million copies sold, although they consider that it is very difficult to reach that figure this year.

Marketing wasn’t included in that $160 million, but the company is expected to clear that up next month when report tax results of the last quarter. Analysts believe that this situation has been reached for several reasons: too short a duration, too simple scenarios, a mediocre rating on Metacritic and poor optimization on PC, although they have praised the graphics and sound.

What to expect from The Callisto Protocol in the coming months?

The Callisto Protocol

Mainly, the most sensible thing to do would be to receive regular updates that improve the gaming experience. Most importantly though, there will be free content and six months of extras with the Season Pass. This aspect was somewhat controversial because it was suspected that the title had cut content, but it was not true. In any case, they have already made it clear that they have quite a future in mind for a possible saga with the expansions in the middle.

In 3DJuegos we could already suffer the real terror of the title. In contrast, in the analysis of The Callisto Protocol we highlight that it “offers very similar sensations to those produced by Dead Space, but with its own character that is noticeable, above all, in combat.” Of course, “misses a lot of chances to branch the stage further to emphasize the feeling of being lost and finding danger around every corner”, highlights Alejandro Pascual.