The campaign against Millie Bobby Brown has gone so far that the writers of ‘Stranger Things’ have had to go out to deny some rumors

The young actress has been the focus of hate since she played Eleven in the Duffer brothers’ series for Netflix.

Millie Bobby Brown has been the focus of criticism since she played Eleven in Stranger Things. From her way of dressing, attitude on set or simply because of her way of being. So if the young actress makes a statement or turns down a role for any reason, she’s quick to judge.

It is just what has happened recently on the news that the young actress had refused to star in a spin-off film of Once where he was paid more than 11 million euros, as reported Daily News. They have been the scriptwriters of stranger things those who have had to deny this news on their official Twitter account:

Yes, there is no truth in this news. I don’t know why we have to keep debunking this rumor, but get those clicks guys!

The only certain thing is that the Duffer brothers do They are preparing the occasional spin-off of stranger things after the fifth and final season premieres in hopes of sustaining the franchise’s success for years to come.

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One of the spin-offs will be “1000% different” what fans are used to, as explained by the Duffer brothers in an interview on the podcast Happy Sad Confused:

Hopefully we find the right person to pass the baton to while doing new things. We’ve read the rumors that there will be a spin-off of Eleven or Steve and Dustin or another issue. That’s not interesting because we’ve done all of that. We’ve spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all that. So it’s very different…I would say the most important connection is his narrative sensibility. There’s a story that connects to the world of Stranger Things, but really, it’s more about how we tell that story.

For now, all that remains is to wait for the premiere of the fifth and final season of stranger things that it will surely be divided into two parts just like the fourth did. For now, Millie Bobby Brown continues to increase her career with works like the recent Enola Holmes 2, which is now available on Netflix.