The Carlos Saura film that was key to the cinema of Peckinpah and Spielberg

The master of Spanish cinema has passed away at the age of 91 this Thursday, February 10, just one day before receiving the Goya de Honor 2023.

The world of cinema is in mourning. Carlos Saura has died this Friday, February 10, at 91 years of age and, as fate would have it, the Spanish director was going to receive the Goya of Honor 2023 during the Spanish awards gala. A well-deserved recognition of his career, which has left masterpieces to be remembered by all viewers, such as Breeding ravens either The hunt. In fact, the latter is a milestone in world cinema and the influence of Steven Spielberg and Sam Peckinpah.

He master of Spanish cinema It has been a benchmark for filmmakers in our country, such as Carlos Vermut or Paco Plaza. But his filmography has also crossed borders, becoming one of the Spanish directors with the most international experience. One of the films that marked his career was The hunthis third film as a director that took him to the pinnacle of his career.

An international benchmark

Thanks to The huntSaura won the Silver Bear for Best Director at the Berlin Festival in 1966. An award that led him to be internationally recognized for being creative, daring and innovative for those times. The film moved all the spectators in Berlin, managed to avoid censorship in Spain and has not left anyone indifferent for more than 50 years. A passage of time that has suited the film very well, which is still valid today.

Both Spielberg and peckinpah they publicly acknowledged the influence of this tape on their works. Peckinpah claimed that The hunt changed his vision of cinema and Saura’s influence is clear when we see a movie like The Getaway. In addition, the Spanish filmmaker received an ovation from directors linked to the French Nouvelle Vague, British Free Cinema and New Hollywood in the US with this film.

Carlos Saura, the cinema genius with a thorn in his head: “I feel like a survivor because they love me outside of Spain”

Another of his films that made an international impact was hurry up. Saura’s film, which is a delight for the viewer, won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival in 1981. The master of Spanish cinema also reached the Oscars with Carmenwhich was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 1984.

This is ‘The Hunt’

The hunt premiered on November 9, 1966 in Barcelona ​​and raised a total of 56,000 euros, much more than what it had cost, which was 12,00 euros. Some 340,000 viewers at that time saw this innovative film that captivated the Berlin Festival jury. And is not for less. Its photography, history and a great cast make this film one of the best in Spanish cinema.

The film follows a group of friends meeting to enjoy a day of hunting, one of his greatest passions. José (Ismael Merlo), Luis (José María Prada) and Paco (Alfredo Mayo), the latter accompanied by his brother-in-law Enrique (Emilio Gutiérrez Caba), recall old times, cut short friendships, almost forgotten memories and failed loves during the hot day. However, they will also take advantage of each other to request favors that will trigger tense situations. Their happy day turns into a nightmare where the danger is themselves and the grudges of the past.

The hunt is a reconstruction of the memory of Spain (through allegories, metaphors and symbols) that shows that the wounds of the Civil War are still open 27 years later. a tape of mandatory viewing for all movie lovers.

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