The craziest movie of the year is about a bear high on cocaine, and it comes with a free game: a copy of Pac-Man to play a couple of games – Web

Surely you have already heard of Oso Vicioso, or Cocaine Bear as it is known in the original version, a black comedy starring a bear starring an ursid drugged after ingesting a bag full of cocaine giving way to a series of lurid and seemingly hilarious events. The film will hit theaters in the spring, but we can play your video game now.

Available to play for free through the website of the movie, Cocaine Bear: The Rise of Pablo Escobar leads the player to step into the shoes of the bear hooked on cocaine in a kind of Pac-Man where you have to kill all the humans that we find on the maptaking bags and lines of drugs along the way to keep us going, as well as other available power-ups that can give us extra speed.

There is not much more to say about this 8-bit experience that helps its producers to remember the premiere of the film on February 24 in the United States. Oso Vicioso will arrive in Spain a little later, on April 5. This is the synopsis shared by Universal. In the news you can see attached the trailer.

“Vicious Bear is inspired by true story of the plane crash that in 1985 caused a drug dealer to lose the cocaine he was carrying and which would end up being ingested by a black bear. This wild comedy brings together in a Georgia forest a curious group of police officers, criminals, tourists and teenagers who They will encounter a 500-pound super predator that has swallowed a massive amount of cocaine and is on a destructive frenzy in search of more dust…and lots of blood.”.

Vicious Bear is directed by Elizabeth Banks with Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Christian Convery among the familiar faces of its cast. If you are looking to play another PAC-MAN WORLD proposal, Re-PAC hit stores last year. This is the analysis of PAC-MAN WORLD Re-PAC from 3DJuegos.