The creator of ‘The Last of Us’ explains the ‘kiss of death’ of episode 2: “These things do not have to be violent”

The chapter ‘Infected’ (1×02) is now available on HBO Max.

The Last of Us is being a success on HBO Max. The second episode has managed to gather more viewers than expected, rising 22% since its debut with a total of 18 million viewers, four times more than the audience of the first chapter.

SPOILERS: Next, important details of ‘Infected’ (1×02) are revealed

And it is in the second episode where we see the famous Clickers in action, the creatures that humans infected by the cordyceps fungus end up becoming. And the causes of Tess (Anna Torv) being bitten in the museum and sacrificing herself at the end so that the infected did not kill Joel (Pedro Pascal) or Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

In the game, Tess is killed holding off the Phaedra soldiers while Joel and Ellie escape. However, in the series she distracts an oncoming group of infected, which leads to a rather unique and quite terrifying moment. A corridor, which is named for infected people who have not yet reached the last phase, He calmly approaches and kisses her on the true ‘kiss of death’ style, to allow the tendrils of the cordyceps fungus to pass towards it:

These things don’t have to be violent unless you’re fighting to keep cordyceps from spreading further,” explains Druckmann, who also created The Last of Us game. “It is done in this beautiful way, but horrible for Anna

The tendrils is a new element of the series that they took out of the game when they remembered that they were under the skin of the infected:

Craig said intelligently: ‘What can we do to further separate our infected from the zombies?’ It is more than just a bite. There is something else at stake. […] We brainstormed so many different things they could be doing. Some of them were quite extravagant

Druckmann clarifies that the talk about tendrils was completely separate from the talk about the spores, which are a very important element in the game. Although they have not yet appeared in the HBO series, apparently it is not an element that they have eliminated forever:

I don’t necessarily think we’ve removed the spores from the universe from our show. We just haven’t gotten there yet. They may come back. We may have a plan. I leave it there

The third episode of The Last of Us remember that it premieres on HBO Max next Monday January 30.