The creator of ‘The Wheel of Time’ confesses to having collided with the author about the direction the series should take

The author of the saga, Robert Jordan, passed away in 2007, but Brandon Sanderson finished the work and has been a key piece in the ambitious adaptation of Amazon Prime Video. The series premieres on the streaming platform on November 19.

Converting into a series a saga of 14 books -edited in 20 volumes in Spain-, with millions of copies sold worldwide, hundreds of thousands of fans and with the honor of being one of the most famous fantasy literary sagas of all times was an ambitious project like few others. And also complicated. But The Wheel of Time Not only It is already a reality that opens in just a week on Amazon Prime VideoInstead, the team is already working on a second season.

Getting here has not been easy, Nevertheless. The first time you began to value adapting The Wheel of Time It was in the year 2000, Robert Jordan, its author, was alive and the saga still had a few books ahead of it before putting the finishing touch on the story. At that time, as you can imagine, the project seemed different. The ‘streaming’ platforms had not made an appearance in the industry and the way in which fiction was consumed was absolutely different. It was not the first attempt, nor the second, which would end up making the project official, but Years would pass and it would not be until the entry on the scene of Amazon Studios, which became the production company in 2018, that it could start up once and for all. With Rafe Judkins as ‘showrunner’ and Robert Jordan’s widow Harriet McDougal as consultant. Brandon Sanderson, the famous fantasy author who picked up Jordan’s witness after his death, has also worked as a consultant and, using his notes, wrote the three remaining volumes to complete the saga.

However, the process of adapting The Wheel of Time it has also been arduous and laborious. Judkins, the ‘showrunner’, has not hesitated to speak about this, who previously reported that Amazon Studios had made more than 10,000 annotations to his first scripts. Aware that they have one of the most beloved fantasy sagas in their hands, the result has to be flawless and the pressure has been maximum.

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Rosamund Pike is Moiraine in ‘The Wheel of Time’.

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Now, in statements to Variety in the absence of a week for the expected premiere, The creator admits that he has also clashed with Sanderson himself, with whom he has starred in some differences regarding the direction that the story should take coming to life as a series:

Brandon [Sanderson] he’s super honest, saying, ‘I don’t think this works for this reason.’ And then I’m like, ‘OK, I have to pay more attention to this.’ But there have also been times when I’ve said, ‘No. This is what we are going to do. It’s a choice and I think it really works and is going to work for us in the long term. ‘ And then either we agreed or we disagreed

As in any adaptation process, the television version of The Wheel of Time houses differences with the novel and some notable changes have been made with the aim of making it fit into a series they intend to do for many seasons. For example, the age of the characters. Or the order in which certain elements or characters are introduced that can help the viewer to better understand the entire photograph. Nevertheless, Rafe Judkins assures that the series maintains the most important details of the novel And although he has had some creative differences with Sanderson, he has many expectations about your future.

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Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of readers of the saga around the world await the Amazon series with great anticipation. The various trailers and trailers released to date are valuable proof that the streaming platform has put all the meat on the grill to provide an impeccable bill to viewers, while the story on which the series is built has the honor of having completely fascinated fantasy lovers for decades.

There is little left to find out. The Wheel of Time premieres its first three episodes on Friday, November 19 on Amazon Prime Video, with a new chapter premiering every Friday until its end on December 24.

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