The creators of ‘Cobra Kai’ talk about the future of Miguel: What will happen to him in season 5?

We can rest easy: there is a plot for the character in the new episodes of the sequel series to ‘Karate Kid’.

With Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) leaving for Mexico City in order to find his father at the end of the season 4 of Cobra KaiSome followers of the successful Karate Kid sequel series were left thinking about the possibility that the character was one of the great absences of the fifth installment. In fact, the possibility that Miguel’s movement was related to the signing of Maridueña as the titular hero of the film was rumored. Blue Beetlebut no, season 5 of Cobra Kai It has already been shot and now the team is working on is in the sixth. Now that is foresight.

In any case, that Miguel has left to look for his father will have consequences in the new installment of the Netflix series, so the team of creators of the series has spoken about it and about the future of the young man in statements to ComicBook. Y we can be calm: there is a plot for the character in the new episodes, so we can count on the continuity of Maridueña.

‘Cobra Kai’: Has Xolo Maridueña (Miguel) left the series after season 4?

“One of the great themes of the franchise Karate Kid, and certainly also of Cobra Kai, are the dynamics between mentors and students, and also between parents and children, “explains co-creator Jon Hurwitz. confirming that This part of Miguel’s plot was always in his plans and it responds to a need for growth on the part of the character and not to match agendas or anything like that.

As for Miguel, we have been talking about his father since the beginning of the series. It is something that has always been on our minds, exploring where Miguel came from and who his father was.

However, although they had always wanted to explore that part, it is what happened in his relationship with Johnny (William Zabka) during the fourth season that puts the character in that place. In the first place, the characters, whose father / son dynamic had reached its strongest point with the beginning of a relationship between Johnny and Miguel’s mother, had already been experiencing certain tensions. But nevertheless, Things got worse when in the eighth episode, while drunk, the sensei said ‘I love you, Robby’, using the name of his real son, with whom he does not have a good relationship.

At that moment, everything took a turn for Miguel, who in the last two episodes of the season decides not to continue fighting in the tournament, choosing his health over a possible victory, and makes the decision to go find his father.

“There were things we wanted to do with other characters, and we felt it would be a powerful move for him to make a decision,” Hurwitz continues. “Johnny tells him to be a man. And Miguel’s interpretation of that is not to go back to the mat, but to follow what is in his heart and what is important for him to explore in his world. ”

In the fifth season we are going to see that Miguel is around, looking for his father

“We have seen at the end of the fourth season that his father does not know that he exists, so you will have to wait to find out what journey awaits Miguel,” concludes the creator.

It’s still a mystery but it would be hoped that the spectators could also meet Miguel’s father in season 5 of Cobra Kai, so we are already eager to know who could be in charge of interpreting it.