The creators of Genshin Impact announce the imminent release of the new Honkai: Star Rail and the arrival of a final beta phase – Honkai: Star Rail

A new journey is about to begin. The creators of Genshin Impact have officially announced that their next video game is preparing for an imminent release before which, yes, a final beta phase. We talk about Honkai: Star Raila very special saga for HoYoverse that allowed it to position itself as one of the world’s leading developers. With it they managed to raise funds that would later materialize in an investment close to one hundred million dollars for the creation of the wonderful world filled with adventures of Teyvat. It was not bad for them since they recovered all the money in just two weeks and this is how they have financed this and other developments.

From the official profile of Honkai: Star Rail on social networks it has been announced that the testing phase prior to the launch of the game will begin imminently. Without going into the specific date on which it will be available to players, they have revealed that Registration will begin next Tuesday, May 24. January. Access will be limited, but any member of the community who wants to test the title will be able to try their luck to receive an invite. With it, we will be able to discover the first phases of the game and check if the title lives up to expectations.

It is hoped that in this last phase of testing we will have available all the regions and characters we already met. The Hertha Space Station, the Astral Express or the planet Jarilo-VI. Furthermore, it could be the first opportunity to witness what will be the second great world one of the many that will make up Honkai: Star Rail in its final version. This could be seen for just a few frames in the past Summer Game Fest, without we have had much news about it since then. However, it promises a radical aesthetic change.

Regarding the release date, things will depend on how the testing phase goes. However, the developer has very consistently followed the steps it took with the release of Genshin Impact. In the case of this title, its final testing phase was announced three months before the premiere took place definitive. Perhaps the performance will be replicated with the premiere of Honkai: Star Rail, although we do not lose hope that the deadlines for the premiere will be cut a bit. HoYoverse has a tight schedule this year. It’s time to launch a great update for the aforementioned Genshin, carry out this premiere and prepare for the future Zenless Zone Zero.