The creators of The Last of Us series only needed one meeting to convince HBO – The Last of Us

There are seven days left for the premiere of the expected The Last of Us series of HBOa project that adapts the story of the famous video game Naughty Dog to the company’s video platform. Its leaders are touring different places presenting the production that will seek to be one of the best adaptations of a video game to the audiovisual, which is leaving us with new statements about the creation process.

In an interview with compañero Diego González from The Spanish, Neil Druckmanco-president of the Californian studio, director of The Last of Us titles and one of the visible heads of the series along with craig mazin, showrunner from the series known for his work on Chernobylhas highlighted that it only took a single meeting for HBO to give the green light to the project.

“I buried the hatchet and I said (to Craig Mazin): ‘Let’s say we want to do a Last of Us series on HBO. What would that look like? What would the process be like? Would it be complicated? Would they dare to do it?’ And he answered me very confidently: ‘It’s very simple, we cross the street, which is where their offices are, we tell them that we want this to be their next project and make it their next project.'”

From that moment, those responsible for HBO were delighted, mainly thanks to the emotion with which Mazin presented the story of The Last of Us. Druckmann assures that he He has done that presentation so many times that he is no longer moved by the storybut at that moment she was moved to see that another person was talking about her in such an efficient and truthful way.

“I’ve never had a partner understand the play even better than I do. He sometimes talks about game stuff better than I can.”

One week for its premiere

Get ready to see the first chapter of The Last of Us series, since its release date is set for the next January 16, 2023 in Spain, when it will be available in HBO Max with a season made up of nine different episodes dubbed into Spanish by the original actors of the video game and, specifically, for a long first episode which will go up to the hour and 25 minutes long.