The creators of ‘The Lewinsky Affair’ want to enrage the audience

The fiction about the sexual scandal of the 90s puts the role of women at the center, which will make more than one think.

The Lewinsky case -or as it is known in the United States Impeachment: American Crime Story– reviews the biggest sex scandal in politics of the 90s. In 1998, it was revealed that intern Monica Lewinsky had had an extramarital affair with Bill Clinton, then president of the United States. Who else and who least knows the case, but the series tells it from a new perspective: through three key women in what happened.

The sex scandal was the front page of all the media, who brought to light a large amount of information about those involved. For the first time, it is Monica Lewinsky herself who tells what happened. With this change in perspective, the creators seek to raise blisters and enrage the public, according to what he has revealed in an interview with THAT ONE executive producer Brad Simpson.

[Buscábamos] that would somehow infuriate you, no matter what political side you were on, partially because we see these women being chewed up and spit on by the system

In 2021 we applaud Lewinsky being able to raise his voice, but in the late 1990s the treatment women received when talking about sexual harassment at work was very different. At the time, many forgave Clinton simply because they wanted him to remain president. According to Simpson, fiction explains the political situation in which the world finds itself today, capable of allowing atrocious things to happen for political interests.

“When you look at some of the things that we are willing to accept from a president, you realize that it begins in the 90s,” Simpson says, “We can establish this notion that, yes, there was a network ready to catch the president doing something. wrong. Then, present prosecutors’ overreach in the way they destroyed a young woman in their search for the president. Also because of the way people took sides and people on the left forgave his behavior because they didn’t want to see him out of power. I think this is a story that explains where we are today. “

‘The Lewinsky Case’ debuts on laSexta: the keys to the series of one of the biggest scandals at the hands of its protagonist

It is their way of generating reflection among viewers and for this they have only had to put three women as protagonists. Are Linda Tripp -interpreted by Sarah Paulson-, who uncovered the scandal; Paula Jones – played by Annaleigh Ashford – the first to accuse Clinton of sexual harassment; and own Lewinsky, embodied by Beanie Feldstein.

“I am well aware that it impacts people and that it brings back a time that was difficult for everyone. So I thought about it a lot and from the times we live in, it seemed like it would end up happening at some point.” declares the Variety Lewinsky, who works as a producer and has given his full approval to what Ryan Murphy and his team have. “I got a lot of good advice from some friends in the industry that helped me take a step back and see what was important to understand about Monica, the person in front of Monica the character,” continues the now activist and writer.

You can see The Lewinsky case in La Sexta every Thursday. On a weekly basis, a double episode will be broadcast until completing the 10-episode season.

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