The day has come: ‘Pasapalabra’ already announces the delivery of the “biggest jackpot” in its history

Orestes Barbero or Rafa Castaño will live a historic moment next week by winning more than 2,200,000 euros in the successful contest.


After more than 500 days, the boat of Pass word Has owner. Yes, finally, Antena 3 has started promoting the delivery of the “biggest jackpot in history” of the contest. A historical event in the Antena 3 program, since for the first time a contestant will take more than 2.2 million euros. Everything indicates that Orestes Barbero or Rafa Castaño will be one of the contestants who record their name in the history of the space presented by Roberto Leal.

The last time the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat was delivered was on September 27, 2021. The lucky one was Sofía Álvarez, a 55-year-old woman who took home 466,000 euros after having participated in 62 deliveries. A few months earlier, Pablo Díaz managed to win 1,825,000 euros and became the first contestant to win the precious prize in the second broadcast of the contest on Antena 3. Now, a year and a half laterOrestes or Rafa Castaño will make history in the successful program.

“Next week… the biggest jackpot in the history of Pasapalabra… will already have a winner. Rafa-Orestes, Orestes-Rafa. Who will take it?“, says the promotional announcement of Antena 3. After more than 100 intense duels, the Burgos or the Sevillian will be the lucky ones to win the precious prize. Orestes will face “La silla azul” this Monday, after Rafa won the delivery this Friday.

The man from Burgos is a man of records and starts the week with his program number 357, for which it has accumulated 211,800 euros. An impressive amount that no contestant had ever achieved before, but Rafa doesn’t have much to envy her partner either. The Sevillian has won 127,200 euros since June 1, 2022. Since then, the duels between the two contestants have delighted the spectators.

Rafa would be the hypothetical winner of Pasapalabra if we look at the data of this particular battle. The Sevillian has won 38% of the programs (74 deliveries) in which he has faced Orestes compared to 28% (55 deliveries) from Burgos. In addition, 64 deliveries of the mythical contest have resulted in a tie between the two contestants. Some heart attack data that has the audience on edge.

“Brutal”: Rafa Castaño’s historic moment in ‘Pasapalabra’ that impresses viewers

the boat of Pass word It begins this Monday with 2,254,000 euros and, if it reached Friday, it would reach the figure of 2,278,000 euros. An amazing amount that makes it the biggest jackpot in history, since Eduardo Benito got 2,190,000 euros almost 17 years ago. A historic moment in the successful contest that deserves to be celebrated in style.

The exact day on which Pass word it will give the largest jackpot in its history, but Antena 3 has already announced that it will be next week. The main channel of Atresmedia calls on viewers not to miss Monday to Friday from 8:00 p.m. the legendary contest The nerves of the audience are increasing as the historic day approaches.

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