The day the endearing creator of Super Mario got angry – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

We all have an image of Shigeru Miyamoto, and it’s probably a nice one. I have seen her several times in person, and she has always shown a friendly, smiling personality… on many occasions a joker and to a certain extent also childish. I’m not saying the latter badly, but it is part of her being and it is what has probably allowed her to create the worlds of Super Mario, Zelda Y Pikmin that have fascinated us so much. have you seen him dancing the jack, wearing Luigi’s cap and holding Link’s sword and shield. Well that.

However, everyone has a bad day or just something happens that drives them out of their minds to show their less pleasant side… also in the case of Miyamoto. As the person in charge of several projects throughout his many years of career, one can imagine that these moments just happen. It is unavoidable. We do not see them, but we know that the guru is a demanding creator, which only settles for the highest quality. This is the story of one of those moments, and someone could see it: a Game Informer journalist who was present at the presentation of one of Nintendo’s most important titles.

A fatal bug in the presentation of Zelda: Wind Waker

It all happened at E3 2002, in a hotel in Los Angeles. There the annual press conference was held to publicize the latest news from Nintendo. So much Game Cube What GBA they had been in stores for a very short time, and the Japanese company had to put all the meat on the grill to convince the players. There they were going to show titles like Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime either Super Mario Sunshine. However, there was one that was especially important for the Big N, mainly because of the controversy that its announcement had generated.

The day the endearing creator of Super Mario enraged

Zelda: Wind Waker It was a video game heavily criticized by fans before its release. The change in the artistic direction, leaning more towards a toon style, was not liked by users who expected a more serious and realistic tone. In this situation, Nintendo couldn’t afford any mistake… but it happened. Miyamoto introduced the game with controller in hand, showing the inside of a dungeon and some of Link’s actions. At a certain moment, the guru defeated a Bokoblin, and had to appropriate his saber to force his way through a wooden barricade. But inexplicably the weapon was nowhere to be found.

A peirodista found Miyamoto in a corridor after the presentation, and his face said it all

Miyamoto walked around the room with Link trying to find such a long-awaited object, but it was no longer there. It had ocurred a bug at the worst possible time. It was clear to those in attendance that something unexpected had happened. There were murmurs in the room and Bill Trinen (translator) did not know what to say. The Japanese developer had no idea where to go either, until there came a time when he decided stop the demo in a somewhat abrupt manner. There was nothing to do.

The day the endearing creator of Super Mario enraged

Everything would have remained an anecdote, but tells the Game Informer journalist that Miyamoto was found in a corridor after the presentation, and his face said it all:

“His smile was gone. He was surrounded by members of his development team and he was furious. I’ll never forget the image of Miyamoto giving orders in Japanese to his three employees, finger pointing up.”

It seems obvious that Miyamoto was angry. It was an important presentation that had to convince skeptical users with the new Zelda adventure. There was tension and a mistake at this level could be fatal… and in the end we are talking about a lot of money, and also prestige. Luckily, everything stayed there and Wind Waker convinced millions of players and served to create other important titles in the saga such as Phantom Hourglass either Spirit Tracks.