The DC drama continues with Zack Snyder: James Gunn responds to the “craziest” campaign of the director’s fans

The new head of DC Studios has confirmed that he has spoken with the filmmaker of ‘Man of Steel’

He DC Universe is in the throes of change and James Gunn, the studio’s new head, continues to respond to fans who are bemoaning the decisions he and Peter Safran have made. Now, the director has responded to a Twitter user nostalgic for the world that Zack Snyder began to create in the early days of the DC Universe.

Snyder directed The Man of SteelBatman v superman: dawn of justice and Justice LeagueAy left the franchise. The Snyder-DC drama has been making the rounds on social media since fans asked, via the ‘hashtag’ #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, that the filmmaker released his version of the film about the superhero team. Which finally happened on HBO in 2021. Now, Snyder’s fans are calling for Netflix to buy into the director’s vision of the DC Universe, and Gunn thinks that’s the “craziest” campaign he’s ever seen.

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Gunn has responded to a user on Twitter who shared the ‘hashtag’ #SellTheSnyderVerseToNetflix (“Sell the SnyderVerse to Netflix.” I have to say, this is the craziest hashtag since 1) Netflix has not expressed any interest (although we have talked about other things) and 2) Zack has not expressed any interest. And he seems to be happy with what he’s doing (and yes, we’ve talked too).”

After confirming that he has spoken with the filmmaker, another user has asked Gunn about the topic of conversation. To which he replied:

He contacted me to express his support for my decisions. He is a great guy. Again, he seems very happy with the big world he is building now.

Following his departure from DC, Snyder moved to Netflix and is working on various projects with the streaming platform. Premiere army of the dead in 2021, a film about zombies, and some more projects set in that universe were confirmed. That same year the prequel came army of thieves and also talked about some series. On the other hand, the December 22th premieres rebel moona science fiction film that was a project of Star Wars discarded that Snyder devised.

For now, it seems that Gunn and Safran’s plan is to erase the world that Snyder began to create and failed to bring to life. One of his most controversial decisions has been not to have Henry Cavill again as Clark Kent/Superman.

To begin to see the changes we will have to wait, since Warner Bros. has yet to release a few movies already shot before Gunn’s arrival. One of them is Shazam! The fury of the godsthe sequel to Shazam! coming to theaters March 17.

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