“The death of my father was the product of bullets”: The Colombian actor of ‘Rebelde’ whose father died in an attack

The protagonist of the new Netflix series, Jerónimo Cantillo, and his mother survived the accident that took place in his native country.

The new one Rebel Netflix has brought us new plots, new songs and new characters that have captivated thousands of viewers. The remake of the series starring Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Poncho Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez has discovered new actors such as Jerome Cantillo. The 28-year-old had already started to gain popularity with his work in Colombia, but now sees his name crossing many more borders. However, there is a tpersonal rage which, to this day, still hurts.

The Colombian actor plays Dixon, one of the new students at the Elite Way School boarding school. A sensitive young man who has the dream of becoming a famous rapper and expresses his rebelliousness by speaking the truth. The role of Cantillo has an extremely good vibe, genuine empathy and great humor. Also, he doesn’t care what anyone says so he’s very authentic. But, who is Jeronimo Cantillo?

Cantillo is the son of Milciades Cantillo, a former Colombian congressman who was also a district attorney. In the 1990s, the violence in his native country reached his family, as suffered an attack that claimed the life of the politician and that his mother and himself survived. The young man found refuge in music and acting, which he began to dedicate himself to when he was 16 years old. His role as vallenato singer Kaleth Morales, in the series The Morales (2017), launched him to fame.

This is the new generation of ‘Rebelde’ on Netflix (and what has become of the originals?)

In an interview for Snail Television, the actor spoke in great detail about the attack that took his father’s life. “We were in the car, they make a call to my father, a politician who tells him that he needed to meet him at his house. My father, my mother come out in the car and I was a baby. And the fatal attack occurs in which My father dies as a result of the bullets. All bullet impacts went to the head“, he indicated.

And as if this were not enough, he added that the perpetrators of this crime they began to threaten their loved ones, so all the members of his family had to separate. “We lose security, my mother was injured. But art has been a balm for all these sorrows, the great conflict that is the absence of my father, “explained the actor.

Cantillo has been able to overcome this terrifying episode in his life; and now, life has rewarded him with a role in a world production, thanks to the importance of Netflix. Your experience in Rebel rated it as challenging and satisfying. “It was tremendous! I did not expect it because, although I believe in myself and in the power of dreams, I never imagined that I would be part of the new version of Rebelde.”, he declared in an interview for Infobae Colombia.

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In addition to returning to participate in the already confirmed second season of Rebel, Cantillo is also part of the cast of one of the most anticipated series: the new installment of Passion of Hawks. In the history, Cantillo will be Andres Reyes, the son of Franco (Michel Brown) and Sara (Natasha Klauss).