The detail of ‘Up’ that a 7-year-old boy noticed and that would go unnoticed by any adult

Only a keen eye could have noticed that coincidence with another Disney Pixar movie.

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up It is one of Disney Pixar’s most endearing movies. Your little one’s story protagonist Russel and his entire journey with Carlmade us shed more than one tear watching some of the scenes of the film directed by .

If there is something special about the stories that this famous animation studio has, it is their hidden messages or their hidden winks. However, as is often the case, sometimes They tend to hide more messages than we are capable of capturing in one viewing or even in several.

This is what happens in the movie upwhich hides a wink (or gazapo), however we want to see it, to another film from the studio. But, most significant of all, the person who noticed was a seven year old boyas revealed by Reddit user saintwithatain with this image.


Incredibly, the boy realized when he saw up that the setting of the scene in the jungle is exactly the same as another scene from Cars 2. If you notice, the stone on the right side of the image is the same, the position of the palm tree, bushes and other trees is the same… Everything indicates that, as you can see in the photo, the location is the same.

It is incredible to think that this coincidence is merely fortuitous, but we know very well that Pixar never leaves anything to chance and it is very possible that this decoration has been used again for viewers as smart as that 7-year-old boy, who even when he was sick realized this coincidence.