The disappointment of ceasing to be Rhaenyra in ‘House of the Dragon’: There is one specific thing that Milly Alcock will miss

The actress has really enjoyed bringing the Targaryen to life. Of all that she leaves behind, there is something that makes her especially sad.

Being a Targaryen gives you the freedom to do a little what you want, as well as having the opportunity to ride a dragon, something only a few can attain. That is the experience that Milly Alcock has lived when giving life to Rhaenyra in The House of the Dragonthe recent success of HBO, but of all that he has been able to experience, there is something in particular that he will miss a lot: her blonde hair.

In an interview with SensaCine Mexicothe actress admitted that it hurt her to have to say goodbye to the beautiful wig that she had used all this time to become a Targaryen.

When I first wore the wig I was like ‘It’s happening. This is real’. I took it off carefully every day, and when I looked in the mirror, it was a bit disappointing to see myself.

The dragon family’s golden hair is their hallmark, so it’s a trait the team needed to pay special attention to. The options they had to characterize the characters were to use wigs or dye their hair, but the latter could have had fatal consequences. “Definitely, bleach maintenance would have killed my natural hair. I think the entire cast would have gone bald by the end of the season,” she says.

Watching Rhaenyra move through the halls of the palace, her long, silky blonde hair billowing out, I think we can all put ourselves in her shoes. We, too, would miss that wig that almost instantly transforms you into someone worthy of the throne. Or, at least, that’s what Milly Alcock made it seem, who became the protagonist of the story with astonishing ease.

Although now is the time to change the actress, the path that Alcock has marked has left its mark. For starters, she has managed to avoid comparisons to the more famous Targaryen, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke), and has established herself as the heroine of her own story. Something not easy to achieve, especially if we take into account that Game of Thrones It has been and continues to be one of the most influential fictions of recent decades.

‘The House of the Dragon’ says goodbye to several of its actors: 11 characters who change their faces from 1×06

After the reign of Milly Alcock, it is the turn of Emma D’Arcy, who will assume the role of the Targaryen princess ten years later. The House of the Dragon prepares an important time jump that will mean the change of 11 members of its cast. We talked about Rhaenyra, but Alicent will also change and will go from being played by Emily Carey to being Olivia Cooke.

Just like Laena and Laenor Velaryon, who from episode 1×06 will be John Macmillian and Nanna Blondell. In general, all the characters that have been born in the first chapters of the first season of the series have grown enough to need another actor to interpret them. They will be the main protagonists of the story from now on and those who will bear the weight of the civil war that is coming within the Targaryens.

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