The dolls arrived movie download by the website Moviesda

The dolls arrived movie download by the website Moviesda

doll Vandal movie starring Jyotika lawyer Venpaa under the direction of Frederick has been released on Amazon Prime today despite many protests.

His friend, a wealthy houseboy who kidnaps and brutally rapes girls who run and play without worry. The great Varadarajan (Thiagarajan) did not knock on the door knowing that the lustful man who was raping Pinchuk children was his son.

One day, the tormentor kidnaps and destroys Jyoti’s daughter, who is destroying the Pinchuk children in the courage of her father’s power and monetary power. Unable to bear the pain, the child screams. Jyoti, who is looking for the baby, saves it and takes it home. Stopping it, Varadarajan shoots his son and his friend.

The torch is branded by police as Northern Psycho and shot dead for allegedly kidnapping and killing several girls. Fifteen years after the incident, Vespa (Jyotika) is re-examining Jyoti’s case.

During the interrogation I was Jyoti’s daughter Venpa Jyotika says. The story is what happened after that, whether Jyoti got justice, whether Varadarajan was punished and who Venpa really was.

Jyotika is not playing Venpaa in the film, she is alive. The tears coming from his big eyes do something to the fans. Tears come automatically not only to those who were there but also to those who asked Venpaa to tell the court that she was raped when she was a child.

Frederick has taken the most sensitive subject by the hand and filmed it beautifully. But the big minus is that the screenplay is chiseled. In many places, it is easy to guess what will happen next.

We can predict what Rajaratnam (Parthiban) will do next after coming to Ooty from the Chennai High Court and appearing in the torch case. This is the weakness of the film. Minus the fact that we had to watch the movie without knowing what would happen next to tell the story.

The pressure of the story, Jyotika’s acting, Govind Vasantha’s musical support to the film. Jyotika keeps us all talking about him from being quiet.

Pratap Bothan, Bhagyaraj, Parthiban, Thiagarajan, and Pandiyarajan are awkward with their acting. The directors have to tell them to act. The big strength of the film is the background music by Govind Vasantha. Dissolving does something in the mind when listening to the dream song.

When you watch the movie Ponmagal Vandal, the faces of the unjustly plucked pins in Tamil Nadu are coming before your eyes. These dolls have fought against those who have no conscience to do anything and escape if they have money.

All moms should tell their daughters as Jyoti tells her daughter not to be afraid of anything.

A salute to Jyotika’s story selection. Surya, who produced the film from his partner, should be praised.