The DOOM Saga Is Back With A Miniature Adventure And We Mean It Literally: Mighty DOOM Is The Most Adorable Demon Hunting Game And It Already Has A Mobile Release Date – Mighty DOOM

The big video game developers are giving more importance to the development of mobile titles and ZeniMax will be the next to try their luck with an adventure on iOS and Android. The company that owns Bethesda either idSoftware prepares the launch of a pocket experience for one of its most prominent intellectual properties. Mighty DOOM is a curious adaptation that will arrive on the 21st March to smart devices around the world with an interesting and frantic proposal inspired by the original saga.

What is Mighty DOOM about?

In Mighty DOOM We will control Minislayer, a toy that recreates the protagonist of the last two games in the franchise and that has come to life. His mission will not be very different from that of the original Slayer, since that the demons have also come to life and invaded this alternate universe. It’s time to distribute lead in a auto shoot video game in which our function is to move through the different scenarios while avoiding the many projectiles that will appear on the screen.

Although with the introduction of characteristic mechanics of the DOO sagaM or some weapons taken from the latest installments of the franchise, the proposal is very similar to that of the recently released Tomb Raider Reloaded. We are not referring to its gameplay, but also to an improvement system on which the entire monetization system promises to be based. All told, it’s a fun proposition. However, it’s easy for things to ‘break’ in case the developers do not strike the perfect balance when adjusting the collection section by Mighty DOOM.

Doom Mobiles

In case you are interested, we can already carry out the advance registration in iOS and Android to receive a notification on our devices as soon as the game is available. Additionally, for playing during the month of release of Mighty DOOM we will get a few rewards that never hurt when we talk about mobile games.