The “dreamlike world” of Toulousaine Lys des Arts

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The singer, who comes from a family of music lovers, released her second album, “Supernova” in November. To be discovered on the download platforms before concerts.

Enter the “dreamlike world” of Lys des Arts, a poet and singer from Toulouse. A 37

years old, Marie-Lys (her real name) is an author, composer and performer and in November released her first album, “Supernova”. The artist grew up in a family of music lovers, surrounded by musicians. Her grandfather was a jazzman, member of the Hot club of France, she was immersed in jazz from an early age and was inspired by it. After two years of piano and solfège in music school, she subsequently entered the conservatory near Rouen where she continued the piano, and began the clarinet. The death of her teacher at the age of 13 marks a break in music for Marie-Lys, who is heading to the theater.

More than 20 years later, the death of his grandfather is a trigger. “At that point, I started to compose and the creation sprang up,” she says. Lys des Arts is very fond of poetry, which she merges with her songs. She writes her lyrics and plays the piano and clarinet which accompany her voice. “I played my music to my entourage and musician friends who encouraged me to continue”. So she recorded her first project, “Astral”, at home, investing in equipment. She mixes and masters her pieces herself to create artistic coherence.

Lys des Arts then met a sound engineer who loved her music and with whom she worked on her new album. After having enriched her texts, the composition and the arrangement of her pieces, Marie-Lys says she is “very happy” with the production and the realization of “Supernova”. In the album, we find many piano-voice pieces, in a “melancholic and poetic” tone. On other pieces, she is accompanied by musicians from her entourage.

“Supernova” CD available on all download platforms and on the lysdesarts site.