The duration of Dead Island 2 is already known, and what is clear is that they have not lengthened it unnecessarily – Dead Island 2

If you are one of those who have played the first Dead Island, surely you have enjoyed its great staging of zombies. However, Dead Island 2 has a much more comical tone and takes us to the most famous neighborhoods in Los Angeles. will be next February 21st when it will be released because its release date was brought up a week.

In this way, during the next few days, information that players should know will be coming out. This time what you have to know is the duration, important element for users. According to The Gamer, Dead Island 2 will last “about 20 hours“, although you will have to complete some secondary missions and “other activities” first. It is a duration similar to Dead Island 1.

Dead Island 2 art director Adam Olsson has pointed it out in an interview with Wccftech: “I don’t know exactly. I think we have a guide that says if you participate in some side quests and other activities, the full experience around 20 hours“Olsson notes. It’s worth remembering that Dead Island’s duration, according to How Long To Beat, is 18 hours if you went solo into the main story, though the experience stretched to 27 if you did the side quests.

We have already played Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2

In the writing of 3DJuegos we cannot complain due to the 6 hours that we have enjoyed Dead Island 2. In the first impressions we made it clear that it had surprised us even in things that we did not expect, such as in his world design. That is, when presenting the main missions because there are quite open areas that hide secrets.

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