The ‘Emily in Paris’ museum arrives in Madrid: the most magical experience in Europe can be visited in the capital in March

A giant ball pool and inflatables and balloons everywhere: an exhibition that has already captivated three European cities and that we already saw in the successful Netflix series.

If you are a fan of the original plans in Madrid, you are in luck because, in a matter of a few months, an immersive experience like few others will be arriving in the capital after having captivated other places in Europe. And, if you are also a fan of the Netflix series Emily in Parisdouble reason to be excited.

Considered the best and most magical immersive exhibition in Europe, the Pop Air Balloon Museum It has already turned out to be a true delight for both young and old in Milan, Rome and Paris and, although there is no exact date yet, it is about to arrive in Madrid. Of course, it is already known that It will take place in the month of March and that the space that will host it will be the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

If you have seen season 3 of the famous Netflix series starring Lily Collins, you already know which museum we are talking about. If not, we can tell you that the “Globo Museum” is an immersive experience in which visitors, children and adults, can visit the installations of 18 artists who have combined their talent to a surprising and particular event and in which its hundreds of thousands of balloons are the real stars.

A pool of giant balls, impressive inflatables, a street full of balloons and various facilities that play with illusions These are just some of the possibilities that attendees will be able to enjoy and that have already captivated visitors from the cities where it has been open to the public in recent months.

One of the cities through which the “Globe Museum” has already passed has been Paris, so the creators of Emily in Paris They did not hesitate to choose the exclusive place to shoot some of their scenes: thus, in the seventh episode of season 3 Emily and Gabriel decided to spend the famous non-date between balloons in which many of us wonder, especially those of us who adore balloons, what kind of magical place would that be. A space in which the influencer did not hesitate to take hundreds of photos and in which they enjoyed themselves like children for a few hours.

A visit that the museum did not hesitate to quickly echo:

Although The prices of the exhibition have not yet come to light and the sale of tickets is not yet Paris the prices oscillated between 10 and 20 euros depending on the day and the exhibition lasted approximately a month and a half.