The emotion of Roberto Leal and Pilar Rubio in ‘El Desafío’ before Laura Escanes’ incredible apnea test

The ‘influencer’ was proclaimed the winner of the fourth gala of the successful Antena 3 program.


the fourth gala of The challenge it was full of emotion. One more night, the contestants of the third edition of the program far exceeded the tests and challenges they faced. The most moving moment came from the hand of Laura Escanes when facing the apnea testwhich left Pilar Rubio speechless.

Freediving is the most demanding test and feared by all contestants. In fact, the ‘influencer’ confessed through her Instagram that came to have nightmares with the challenge However, and despite his nerves, Escanes managed to pass the most difficult test of the Antena 3 program with the help and unconditional support of Juandi, a diving and apnea instructor.

Scanes far exceeded his fears and endured 3:40 minutes underwater. A time that he has left everyone impressed and that he was able to achieve thanks to his daughter Roma. “I imagined going up the stairs at home with Roma, a fart or the changing table. She relaxes me and takes me to a safe place,” the ‘influencer’ confessed excitedly. And it is that, the instructor told her “she thinks of Rome, thinks of Rome” so that she could endure more.

We were all getting emotional… those of us who are parents even more so because Juandi (the instructor) told him: ‘Think of Rome, think of Rome

The test was one of the most exciting lived in this third edition. All the contestants were visibly excited when Escanes came out of the water. Even Roberto Leal could not hold back the tears and he confessed that “think of Rome” had moved him when he remembered his children. In addition, Pilar Rubio could not assess the ‘inlfuencer’ until after a few minutes due to the emotion she had.

scans got overcome your fears and limits in one of the most exciting freediving tests of ‘The Challenge’. This test is one of the most difficult of the program and to which all the contestants face with fear. And is not for less. Keeping your breath underwater carries a very important physical and mental work behind it. For this reason, freediving almost always provides very moving moments to the spectators.

This exciting test crowned Escanes as the winner of the fourth gala of The challenge. The contestant donated her prize €9,500 to the Childhood Cancer Unit of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona. “We all agree that children should not suffer and this is for them,” said the ‘influencer’.

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