The end of ‘Dexter: New Blood’ leaves the door open to a second season

Its protagonist, Michael C. Hall, recognizes that this was the outcome that his character deserved.

Dexter says goodbye, once again, and this time it seems that it will be the final one. The new installment of Showtime’s hit fiction, which began broadcasting in 2006, released under the title Dexter: New Blood, has come to an end, and it has come to an end with one of those endings that leaves no one indifferent.

After eight seasons on the air, Y 96 episodes, the series starring Michael C. Hall said goodbye in 2013 with a controversial ending, which disappointed most of its followers. Showtime felt it was indebted to that audience that had shown their loyalty to the series year after year, and in 2020 it announced that Dexter would return with a new season, conceived as a 10-episode miniseries. Dexter: New Blood it arrived last November to the chain with its first episode. A return that begins a decade after the events of the end of season eight, to show us what the new life of the serial killer is like in the small fictional town of Iron Lake, after having fled Miami, and with a new identity.

The new installment of fiction, winner of four Emmy Awards, It has come to an end, and it has done so with a shocking outcome, with which the team hopes to remove that bitter taste in the mouth that viewers were left with when they saw the last episode of the original, Dexter.

As of this moment, the news contains details of the plot of the last episode of Dexter: New Blood.

Michael C. Hall has been one of the first to applaud the outcome of the miniseries, despite having been the end point for his character on the small screen. The actor has assured, in statements to LA Times, that Dexter’s death at the hands of his son, Harrison, “is justified” And it is the best way she could end this new episode of her life.

As disturbing as it is, I hope audiences appreciate the significance of Dexter dying in this way at the hands of his son. [Michael C.Hall]

Simply by reading the title of the tenth and final episode, Sins of the Father, it can already be predicted that the plot of the miniseries would be resolved between Dexter and his son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). But perhaps few could imagine what the writers of this new installment had prepared for the expected outcome. In this episode, Dexter starts a mission, which aims to, convince his own son to end his life. Realizing that he is not even capable of loving someone of his own blood, he believes that this is the only way out. Finally, Harrison agrees to Morgan’s request, and shoots him in the middle of one of the snowy forests of Iron Lake. A difficult decision, in which he will have the support of the local police chief, and Dexter’s ex-girlfriend, Angela Bishop (Julia Jones).

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Despite being one hundred percent satisfied, C. Hall cannot help but think that Morgan’s abrupt end will provoke “a strong answer” among viewers, as happened with the outcome of the eighth season, in 2013. However, hope that this time that answer is friendly, and the fans also get to applaud this new farewell.

Some people will have predicted it, and others will be surprised. Some people will accept it, others will reject it. I think it will be difficult for people to deal with their fate, given that it is someone they have spent a lot of time with and are very fond of, at least in some cases. [C. Hall]

For showrunner and executive producer Clyde Phillips, this was the only correct ending to Dexter: New Blood. Phillips, who already worked as a scriptwriter on the original fiction -which came out in the fourth season-, assures, in statements to TV Line, what if Dexter continued “getting out of one bind after another”, the series would end up becoming “a superhero show”.

We wanted to bring as much humanity as we could to the end of the show and say goodbye to the character with dignity and integrity. [Clyde Phillips]

For this reason, the producer has admitted that “No other endings were discussed” because “We always knew it would be Harrison taking his father out”. An outcome that despite being very clear was not easy to reach, as Phillips has explained. “How it got there was the product of 10 great writers in a writing room for a year and a half with all the nuances and all the psychology of it.”.

It’s a very brutal and intimate moment when this happens, but I think it ends the way it has to. [Phillips]

Possible ‘spin-off’ on the way?

As expected, the return of Dexter it has had an excellent reception on Showtime. The first episode of this new installment was seen by over 9.1 million viewers. A figure that converts to Dexter: New Blood at Best Debut of a Drama Series on the Network. Although the following chapters had a somewhat lower audience rating, the Average viewers of the miniseries has been about 7.6 million viewers. Surpassing that obtained in its day for original fiction.

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Seeing these data, it would not be surprising if the chain gave the green light to a new installment of the successful series, this time perhaps in the form of a ‘spin-off’, focused on the life of Dexter Morgan’s young son, Harrison. Phillips has spoken about this possibility, in statements to LA Times, who has admitted that he would drop everything to get to work with that hypothetical script.

If Showtime wanted to continue that, I have a lot going on, but I would drop everything in a minute to do so. It is so damaged. I write a lot about damaged people and I would love the opportunity to explore their psyche and take it to another world and take this show to attract more people. [Phillips]

In Spain, the final episode of Dexter: New Blood it is broadcast tonight on Movistar +. On the platform, the previous nine chapters of Michael C. Hall’s fiction are already available.

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