The failure of ‘The Bachelorette’ shows, once again, that the audience is tired of ‘reality shows’ and ‘dating shows’

The program presented by Jesús Vázquez has been moved to Cuatro’s ‘late night’ after its discreet stint on Telecinco.


The Bachelorette. Forever It landed on Telecinco as the revelation program of the season. However, the television phenomenon in more than thirty countries has not captivated Spanish viewers. The audience data has been very low since its premiere on the main Mediaset channel, which did not exceed a 9% share and was the highest data it has ever achieved. Very low numbers that show, once again, that in Spain there is no longer any interest in this type of format.

Telecinco presented Forever as a great television phenomenon, and they were right. The ‘dating show’ has more than 180 editions and more than 2,258 hours broadcast in 38 countries, both in its original version and in its different sequels. The format is about look for love your protagonist with up to 20 candidates, to find your ideal partner.

However, the program presented by Jesús Vázquez has not been as successful as expected in Spain. Its premiere already predicted that it had not aroused great interest among Spanish viewers. The Bachelorette obtained an 8.7% audience share and 844,000 viewers, falling short of the premieres of other programs on the network, such as Nightmare in Paradise either Mediaset Night Fever.

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Despite the fact that Telecinco continued to bet on the ‘dating show’, the drop in viewers reached numbers few seen on the main Mediaset channel. On Monday, December 19, it signed a 6.9% share, on December 26 it rose slightly to 7.4%, but as of January, the data began to be catastrophic. The fourth and fifth installment of the format did not exceed 6% screen share.

These poor results in the hearings made Telecinco decide to relegate The Bachelorette to Four. Despite this movement, the data continued to worsen: in its first broadcast on Wednesday, January 18, it collected a 3.7% share and 367,000 viewers, surpassing only the offer broadcast on La 2. A fact that has caused The Bachelorette. Forever go on airing this wednesday 25 at 11:30 p.m.. A movement that implies extending almost an hour more than normal the daily delivery of First Dates.

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Thus, The Bachelorette has marked a milestone in the history of television by becoming the least watched ‘reality’ in the history of Telecinco. A fact that adds to the “not so good” results of Nightmare in Paradise and that confirm that viewers are already tired of this type of format. In addition to affirming the decline of Telecinco in audience, which has not yet found its star format that surpasses Antena 3.

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