The fans have spoken: Episode 3 of ‘The Last of Us’ is considered the best in television history

‘A long long time’ (1×03) is now available on HBO Max.

Episode 3 of The Last of Us is now available on HBO Max, titled ‘A long long time’ (1×03) and its official synopsis reads like this:

When a stranger approaches his camp, survivor Bill forges an unlikely alliance. Later, Joel and Ellie ask Bill for advice.

In this chapter we see the debut of Nick Offerman as Bill, one of the key characters of the PlayStation videogame of the same name as Tess, played by Anna Torv and whom we had to say goodbye to in ‘Infected’ (1×02).

In this new episode, the series is quite detached from what is told in the game, but most viewers did not care much. On social media, the audience has expressed their utter shock at the way things were handled and many are already calling it not only the best episode of the series, but also one of the best pieces of television to ever air. have done before.

At this point, it’s no wonder that as the series progresses, each episode gets better and better. This is perfectly reflected in the IMDB user rating. The first episode got a score of 9.2 out of 10, the second 9.3 and the third 9.4 and with only less than a day of life in emission.

Wow, The Last of Us went from being a pretty good zombie series to a transcendent work of art in three episodes,” explains user @Bill_of_Lefts. “Taking vibes from the third season of The Leftovers

@DantonNash: Tonight’s episode of The Last of Us was easily the best episode yet, but also the most drastically different from the game and I don’t know how to feel about it.

@Alves_115: This new episode of The Last of Us is the best episode I’ve seen of ANYTHING. wow

@elipapyeoj: The Last of Us just dropped the best episode of TV in a long time. I will cry forever

@raajofvalheru: The Last of Us Episode 3 was one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV and an absolutely extraordinary achievement. Nick was fantastic. They were all fantastic. I can’t conceive of anything that could top this. Thanks to everyone involved

So good has the episode been, that many are already calling for Nick Offerman to be nominated for an Emmy for his role as Bill. His co-creator, Craig Mazin, expected the best from Offerman, but he didn’t know to what extent, as he explains in an interview with TV Insider:

It didn’t surprise me at all to learn that Nick could do something like this. What surprised me was how good it was. He had high expectations and he crossed the line. It was kind of amazing to see that his that his chemistry with Murray Bartlett was amazing. We cast Murray Bartlett and then a few months later he wins an Emmy. And we thought, ‘This is really cool.’ And then we have these two who take it all to a high level.

episode 4 of The Last of Us premieres on HBO Max next monday february 6