The fantasy saga ‘Spiderwick Chronicles’ will be a series (and live action) from the hand of Disney +

Alicia P. Ferreiros

Alicia P. Ferreiros

TV Series Managing Editor / Periodista

Life with Amazon, Netflix, HBO or Disney +, life better. He likes to get lost in catalogs in search of new obsessions and hidden gems.

This has been announced by the streaming platform on its Disney + Day, an event with which it celebrates its two years of life.

If you are one of those who is absolutely captivated by a fantasy world, without a doubt you are the target of the new live action series prepared by Disney +: The Spiderwick Chronicles, a television adaptation of the famous literary saga for children by authors Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.

The story, published in eight volumes between 2003 and 2009, was already the subject of a film adaptation in 2008, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which had among its ranks a very young Freddie Highmore as the Grace twins: Simon and Jared, two nine-year-old boys who live the adventure of their lives by moving to the house of an aunt of theirs where they find a mysterious book.

Hand in hand with the mysterious specimen, the children have access to a beautiful world that it seems that only they are capable of seeing. Goblins, fairies, gnomes and other beings live there, but they will soon realize that not everything that lives there is harmless.

The live action series has been announced by Disney + as part of a very special celebration for the platform: Disney + Day, an event in which Disney’s streaming service celebrates two years of life in which it has provided subscribers with the best content from original series and movies. In the last two years we have enjoyed series of the stature of The Mandalorian, Loki, O Scarlet Witch and Vision, while we have also been given movies like Black widow O Jungle Cruise.

This content will continue to grow in the coming years and one of the live action series that we will see will be precisely the adaptation of this famous fantasy saga.

No further details have been announced at the moment. Neither the team that will be in charge of the project, nor actors and actresses linked to the series nor expected release date, but fans of the fantasy saga have reasons to rub their hands.