The film starring Kerem Bürsin, Burak Özçivit and Selin Genç that we can’t wait to see in Spain

The three successful Turkish actors star in an action-packed film about the Turkish army, titled ‘Can Feda’

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We haven’t seen Kerem Bürsin on the small screen since Love is in the air. An absence that many viewers of the Turkish phenomenon lament, but that they get better when seeing other fictions starring him. For this reason, from SensaCine, we bring a recommendation that you must see if you are a fan of the turkish actor. We talk about Can Fedathe film in which he co-stars with Burak Özçivit and Selin Genç.

Can Feda It is one of the most unknown films in Kerem’s career. Released in 2018, the film follows Captain Alpaslan (Burak Özçivit), who belongs to the Turkish land army, and Captain Onur (Kerem Bürsin) of the Ottoman air force. Both will join forces and give even their lives if necessary for defending your country against external threats.

The war film stands out in the filmography of Bürsin, since it is a genre that has not worked much. However, the Turkish actor is impeccable in his interpretation, demonstrating once again that he can do anything he sets his mind to. The almost two hours that the film lasts, 109 minutes to be exact, present us with the actor in a version that had not been seen before: as an army soldier.

Lots of action, drama, fight for survival and a human side are the keys to this film. “In Can Feda there are many tales of humans. One of the things that influenced me the most in the script was this. Small touches, pieces of the lives of each one of us, it is very good that these come together with the discipline among the soldiers, it took the film to a different place,” acknowledged Burak Özçivit during the presentation of the film.

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Kerem Bürsin spoke in the same vein, since for both actors a determining factor in choosing the project was the script. In addition, he affirmed that the film gives place to the most sensitive and unknown aspects of Turkish society. “For me it is an honor to be in the film. While working I learned many things about our country,” said the actor.

For now, the film has not arrived in Spain. Since the month of December Can Feda It is available on Disney+ Turkey, so we may soon see it in our country. However, until the time comes, you can find the movie on YouTube with subtitles.

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