The Film Symphony Orchestra returns to Madrid in style with a concert inspired by superhero soundtracks

‘Krypton’ is the new proposal by the symphony orchestra directed by Constatine Martínez-Orts.

The Film Symphony Orchestra returns to Madrid this November 25 with a concert inspired by the soundtracks of heroes and superheroes under the title kryptonianthe home planet of Superman, and promises to be very epic.

The show, which had previously been in Madrid, once again makes a stop at the National Music Auditorium before continuing with its tour of the rest of the country. The Spanish orchestra that always interprets soundtracks of emblematic series and films live, returns with a convert This November 25 at 10:30 p.m.

This would be the fifth time that the orchestra has set foot in the capital of Spain again as part of its new national tour of soundtracks inspired by hero and superhero films. Krypton, which began on September 17 and will run until June 2023, will offer two and a half hours of many surprises, always accompanied by brass instruments, percussion and costumes inspired by some movies that are part of the musical repertoire.

In addition, this show coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Fiml Symphony Orchestra, which in recent years has given more than 300 concerts for more than half a million people:

A superlative tribute to humanity, to the goodness of the human being and to all the people who day by day are invisible, anonymous superheroes who, with their superpowers, help others, bring smiles and save lives.

This is how the director Martínez-Orts himself explains this new musical proposal that has soundtracks such as Captain America, Conan The Barbarian, Braveheart, The Incredibles, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves or Iron Man 3.