The ‘First Dates’ restaurant seems like the ideal place to have a dinner date, but everything has a trick

The program presented by Carlos Sobera is one of the most successful formats on Cuatro.


Singles go to First Dates in search of his better half. The program presented by Carlos Sobera has everything necessary for the stars of the night to find love. An idyllic restaurant with the best emcees possible and the best environment for the crush to occur among the diners. Or at least that’s what you see on the screen. But what is it really like to experience the famous restaurant?

According to Patricia account for EPEthe location where it is recorded First Dates It’s not just any restaurant. Diners go to a warehouse in a polygon in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid. the set is full of cameras in all the corners, ceilings, walls… They are hidden in such a way that they cannot be seen and thus do not disturb the tranquility of the diners, something that is also confirmed by a single woman who attended the program with whom we have spoken since SensaCinema.

“You’re going to hell”: two singles warm up ‘First Dates’ at the end of the appointment in the jacuzzi

One fact that both singles have revealed is that the appointments were recorded in the morning. For example, Patricia’s appointment was at 12 in the morning. Yes, they had to eat an “exquisite” menu designed for dinner when they had hardly even had breakfast. However, viewers do not notice this detail thanks to a little trick of the successful format.

The key to making it appear that the diners are having dinner at a suitable time is that the set is an interior without windows. Therefore, at all times there is perfect light and the ideal environment to recreate a date night. A detail that viewers do not realize. In addition, the work of the whole team is also important for the perfect situation to take place.

The editors remind diners of their strengths as soon as they arrive and the necessary objects to create the atmosphere that they want between the two singles during the date. In fact, this last week the well-known restaurant has even been decorated with a jacuzzi to celebrate the White Week specials.

Other keys are rest of people They are having dinner at the restaurant. Despite what the audience believes, they are not other singles but extras that are counted on for the recordings. In fact, the bachelorette we managed to contact also came as an extra for dinner.

First Dates It is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9:05 p.m. on Cuatro.

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