The first teaser ‘trailer of season 6 of’ Outlander ‘makes fear for the life of one of the characters

Alicia P. Ferreiros

Alicia P. Ferreiros

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Starz has shared unpublished images of the new episodes in the framework of the Comic-Con of New York celebrated this weekend.

The Outlander panel on the New York Comic-Con held this weekend has been the setting chosen for the presentation of a first ‘teaser’ trailer that, in just one minute, is the perfect summary of what we can expect from season 6. We continue, however, without know the expected release date, currently scheduled for the beginning of 2022 in Starz -and from the hand of Movistar + in Spain-.

In the first advance of the season 6 of Outlander we can see most of the protagonists, who continue with their lives after the events of the fifth installment. Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are still as affectionate as ever, while we also see Marsali with her baby in her arms, Bree and Roger in a loving attitude and young Ian with Malva Christie, the daughter of the family which makes up the main incorporation of the new episodes.

‘Outlander’: a “heartbreaking and twisted” relationship will completely mark season 6

However, as Claire well warns, times are turbulent, and the imminent American Revolution that “is already beginning” turns their faces into looks and gestures of anguish and concern. War is just around the corner and with it will also come tragedy.

The most worrying part of the progress, however, is the lifeless inert arm of a man we cannot identify, who is being driven home. It barely occupies an instant of the ‘teaser’ trailer released by Starz, but the truth is that the frame has become the main protagonist of the piece. The reason? Because also readers of Diana Gabaldon’s work on which the series is inspired already know that the life of one of the characters is in danger. Specifically, one that in Wind and ash, the novel on which this season is based, attempts against his own life devastated by anguish.

‘Outlander’ becomes “darker” in its season 6 (at least for one of its characters)

The season 6 premiere of Outlander will take place in the first months of 2022.